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How to Correctly Remove QuickBooks Error 6150 1006

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by Carterjohnson
QuickBooks error code 6150 1006

One of the often reported problems by QuickBooks users is error 6150. Through this manual, let’s dive into the understanding of the mistake. Learn the details of the mistake, the reasons it happens, and the best approaches to remedy it.

When a QuickBooks user attempts to create, open, or utilize a QuickBooks business file, QuickBooks Error 6150 1006 (QuickBooks Desktop) occurs. This error code is a part of the 6000 error code series, which also includes issues with access to corporate files. When it does, you will get an error notice saying, “We’re sorry. Your company file couldn’t be opened by QuickBooks. The error code 6150 indicates that there are some problems with the company file that need to be resolved. You can better understand the mistake with the help of this blog.

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6150

If you see the QuickBooks error 6150 when attempting to access a business file, one of the factors listed below may be to blame.

  • The.QBW extension indicates a corrupted file.
  • incorrect QB desktop installation.
  • incorrectly extending the QB company file.
  • Trying at the opening, While QuickBooks is not yet open, QBM (portable file).
  • Additionally, a virus might corrupt the business file, resulting in QuickBooks error 6150.

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What Signs Point To Error Code 6150 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Initially, QuickBooks Error 6150 crashes an open window. Additional signs of the problem include:

  1. Error 6150 appears on the screen right away.
  2. As soon as the problem appears, Active Window crashes.
  3. Every time you attempt to launch the same software, the machine crashes.
  4. The computer’s standard performance is reduced.

How Can I Repair Error 6150 1006 In QuickBooks?

Let’s start with the troubleshooting options now that you’ve seen the potential causes and symptoms of the QuickBooks business file access issue 6150.

Method 1: Opening the Company File from a Different Location 

If the business file can be successfully opened from a different place, the company file’s original location is broken and has to be fixed. On your desktop, make a new folder, then copy and transfer the business file inside of it. After that, return the file to its original place. Try opening the file once more to see if QuickBooks error 6150 has been resolved.

Method 2: Start from Scratch and Create a New QuickBooks Company File

By following these procedures, you may establish a new company file from scratch:

  • Go to the No Company Open pane in QuickBooks Desktop and create a new company file.
  • Now enter the necessary data in the QuickBooks Setup box.
  • deciding to establish a business
  • If QuickBooks problem 6150 reappears, move on to the next fix.

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Method 3: Utilize an auto data recovery tool

The deleted transaction is recreated using the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool, a copy of the business file, and the most recent Transaction Log files. With the exception of the most recent transactions, the ADR Tool can restore all lost data. However, the tool has several restrictions, which are listed below:

  • Only QuickBooks Pro, Premier, & Enterprise may use the ADR tool.
  • QuickBooks Accountant is incompatible with it.
  • Additionally, take in mind that the file size shouldn’t be greater than 1.5 GB.

Method 4: Repair the damaged network descriptor file 

The following techniques will help you repair Error -6150 to some extent by removing the ND file:

First and foremost, start by ending all of QB’s active processes.

  • You then head to the Directory.
  • The corporate file is often housed in the C:

You must now search for the file by extension.

  • ND(Network Data).
  • Finally, you must delete the file.

Method 5: Run Quick Fix my Program from Tool Hub 

QuickBooks Tool Hub Download To download now, click the link.

  • To begin the installation, double-click on the Tool Hub setup files.
  • Click Finish after agreeing to all terms and conditions.
  • Right-click the Tool Hub icon on your desktop and choose “Run as administrator” from the menu that appears.
  • From the Tool hub Home screen, select the Program issues option.
  • Select Quick Fix my software next.
  • Fast Fix In order to restore QB, my program can need 10 to 15 minutes.


After exhausting all possible solutions, if error code 6150 still appears, it is advisable to seek expert assistance to resolve the issue and save your valuable time. Call our QuickBooks Error help phone number at 1.855.738-0359, and trained specialists will get to your aid in a flash. Until Intuit QuickBooks error code 6150 1006 is resolved, they will provide you with understandable troubleshooting support.

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