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How to boost YouTube views?

by Vansh jadon
How to boost YouTube views

How to boost YouTube views? YouTube is one of the best and most popular video-sharing social media platforms. Where roughly 500 hours of video are uploaded in a single minute. And this is 2nd biggest search engine all over the world. About 2.29 billion users and 37 million channels are there on YouTube. Many people are earrings, money and fame on YouTube.

YouTube is a platform that can help you ‌make your career easier. So here we are going to understand how to boost YouTube views? This will also help you ‌get to boost your subscribers on YouTube.



Your niche should be clear to your audience and YouTube. So that you can grow faster. If you will upload many types of videos so it will be unhealthy for your YouTube channel. Don’t mesh with the two different niches in a single channel.  



Content is the main reason to subscribe channel. When someone subscribes to any YouTube channel, that means they like your content. And if you are not getting subscribers, so you need to focus on your content. Make unique and creative content. That can attract more audiences. Keep researching for your new content. And share is content in your niche. Share your content frequently.


Video quality and duration

Your video should have quality. Don’t upload videos that are blurred or inaudible. Use the best camera and mic to shoot your video, then give a nice ending with great editing. And in the starting try to make shorts videos. So you can make a habit of facing the camera. And your audience will get to know you. Then increase your time of video slowly.


Thumbnails and title

Thumbnails and titles are the most important things for YouTube creators. Because it is your first impression of a new user. When someone clicks on the video so that means they like your thumbnail or title. To make attractive and creative thumbnails. Your thumbnail, title and video should relate to each other.

Cards and end screen

Use cards to apply the suggestion button of your other videos link. And you can use the end screen to give your subscriber button and other or next videos link in the end. Both methods will help you to increase your view on YouTube.

Playlist and optimisation

Create a playlist for your video so users can find easily your video related to the topic. Align all the related videos in the same playlist and don’t mix videos in the playlist. 

Optimise your channel by giving your keyword into your channel’s description and title. Also, try to give some keywords to the title and description of your video.


Shorts and sharing

Shorts are the most effective content on YouTube. You can grow your followers by sharing short videos. It has the power to boost your followers. But shorts are not eligible to monetise the channel.

And share your video on other social media platforms as well so you can interact with more audiences. Then you can convert your other social media views into your YouTube subscribers.


Buying option

Buy YouTube views India to get boost your views. As you know, we are living in an ostentatious culture. So when people saw your views so they might click on your video. And many big YouTubers and creators are using this method. So buy a YouTube view and get boost your view. And it also grows your subscribers on your YouTube channel.



So now we had discussed how to boost YouTube views? You can apply this method to boost your followers as well. And always keep in touch with the YouTube policy, features and updates. And don’t forget to update with YouTube community guidelines. Keep your channel away from inappropriate activities.

So be consistent, share unique and attractive content, use the best thumbnail and title, and don’t forget to share short videos. And use cards, end screen and create a playlist. 

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