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How to Blow Up a Bounce House?

by deborahjlinares
Bounce House

How to Blow Up a Bounce House For Your Wedding Day For many people, the wedding day is one of the most memorable days in their life. It’s a day filled with special moments like first kisses, parent dances, and tons of pictures taken by family and friends! These moments are all made even better when there are fun things to do during the reception—like a bouncy house! If you’re planning on having an inflatable bounce house at your wedding, you must know how to set it up and take it down before the big day arrives.

Gather Materials

Blow up the bounce house by inserting the plug end of the blower nozzle into the valve and then turning on the blower. If you have an electric blower, connect it to an extension cord and plug it in.

Use caution when inflating, as this can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Be sure not to over-inflate, as this will cause excessive stress and make deflation difficult.

Secure all seams with duct tape so that air does not escape from them when inflated. This will also help keep your bounce house from popping open after being inflated too much or too quickly.

Inflate slowly so that you don’t over-inflate or damage your bounce house.

Set The Ground Rules

Bounce houses are one of the most popular party rentals. They’re perfect for kids’ birthday parties, church picnics, and school carnivals. But before you set up your bounce house, some important safety considerations must be made. First, carefully read the assembly instructions to inflate it with air safely. Use a needle nozzle on your air compressor or electric pump (never use gasoline!) and insert it into the opening at the top until it’s fully inflated. Never place anything inside while it is being inflated. Finally, don’t forget to turn off any inflatable toys when they are not in use!

Watch YouTube Videos

The wedding bounce house is not much different from the ones you may see at children’s parties, with one big exception: You need a powerful blower and an electric air compressor. A good-sized, 2000-watt blower will do the trick. Plug in your blower, turn it on and plug in your air compressor. Make sure that the hose is securely fitted onto the nozzle of your compressor before you turn it on, or else you’ll have an unpleasant accident on your hands! Turn on your air compressor and watch those inflatable walls rise up before your eyes. It’s amazing how fast they fill up once you start pumping them up with real power!

Work As A Team

It’s best to work as a team when blowing up a bounce house. One person should be on the ground, and one should be in the air. The person in the air should hold the end of the blower tube and place it into an opening in the inflatable. Then, they should grab onto something sturdy and get ready for their partner on the ground to pull down on it. After holding for about 30 seconds, have your partner let go of the tube so you can move on to another section of the inflatable. This process can take up to 2 minutes per section but will get easier once you’ve done it enough.

Test Before Use

Before you blow up your bounce house for the first time, you must test it. You can do this by setting up your bounce house and filling it with water or sand. Take note of any leaks or holes in the inflatable by inspecting the water level from inside and outside of the inflatable. If there is a leak, use duct tape to seal the hole. Once everything looks good, pump air into the inflatable house until it’s full. Watch for any signs of leaks at this point too. When everything is sealed and looking good, then you’re ready to enjoy!

What can I use to blow up a bounce house?

There are several ways to inflate a bounce house. The easiest way is using an electric pump. This can be plugged into an outlet, automatically inflating the bounce house for you. You can also use a car battery or an air compressor on your bike. Be sure you have enough room for the pump or compressor before starting, as they take up quite a bit of space! If you don’t have access to these methods, blowing up the inflatable house by mouth is possible. But it will take some time and effort.

How long does it take to blow up a bounce house?

Wedding bounce houses are often rented for the same price as renting a inflatable house without the added fun. This can make them appealing to guests who don’t want to worry about returning them or getting them dirty. We recommend putting on some quality-time music and ensuring you have an air pump handy. To start:

  1. Take the top of your bounce house and lay it flat.
  2. Remove any stakes with your unit, and ensure that your safety zones are marked off with cones or something similar.
  3. Inflate one side of your bounce house by pumping air into it from the bottom up.

How many blowers do you need for a bounce house?

Blowers are an important part of any bounce house. They blow air into the house and keep it inflated. You’ll need at least one blower to inflate the house, but you’ll need more if you want the walls and roof inflated. For example, if you have a 15×15 bounce house with walls, you would need three blowers; one to inflate the floor, one for the walls, and one for the roof.

How long can you run a bounce house blower?

A typical air blower can be used for about an hour before it needs to be recharged. This is because the battery in the blower will eventually run out of power. The length of time you can use your inflatable house depends on how high and how often you let it inflate.  A bigger bounce house take more energy to inflate. If you’re going for long periods or inflating at a very high height, getting another person or two involved is best to conserve power. Here you will learn about outdoor playground equipment manufacturers.

Can you leave a bounce house running all night?

To blow up a bounce house, you will need an air pump designed for this purpose. Before starting the process, the inflatable device must be flat and on an even surface. The air pump will have two ends, one for blowing up the bounce house and one for releasing air. You will need to inflate the inflatable house by using the nozzle on the release end of the pump and then plug the other end into a power outlet. It may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours for your inflatable device to fully inflated, depending on how large it is.

Final Thoughts

Blow up the wedding bounce house. Give it a few minutes, and it should be fully inflated. If your inflatable house is still not full after 10 minutes, you may have over-inflated it or used the wrong type of air compressor. You can also use an electric pump to inflate the inflatable house if you don’t have access to an air compressor.

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