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How to Add a Room Onto Your House Without Breaking the Bank

by Anita Ginsburg

Many people hope to buy one home during their lifetimes. This is especially the case due to how long it can take to pay off the mortgage. However, the needs of a family can change over time. You may suddenly need an extra room in your home. Thankfully, there are ways to add one without breaking the bank.

Repurpose an Existing Room

Repurposing an existing room is by far the cheapest strategy for adding a new room into your home. Technically, the room already exists. As such, no new construction will be needed. If your children move out of your home, you could, for example, transform one of their bedrooms into a den or an office. Alternatively, a room only used for storage could be altered into a guest bedroom.

Shop Around for Room Additions

If you, however, are determined to physically add more space to your home, you may decide on spending the money to pay for an actual addition to the structure. While this can be expensive, you can bring down your costs by not rushing into the process. For one, try to shop around a bit and receive estimates from multiple different builders regarding their rates for room additions. If you receive enough estimates, you may be able to find a builder that will give you what you want for less.

Enclose Your Patio

If you already have a patio, you could transform it into a new room by simply enclosing it. This will be much easier and cheaper than completely new construction. While it will not be the same as physically building more house, it could provide you with the space for the rest and relaxation you are craving. You can even add heating or air conditioning to increase your comfort level.

Remodel the Attic

The attic in many homes goes completely unused. Still, it’s very possible to transform that space into something useful like an extra bedroom. Keep in mind, however, that the attic can be very hot because heat rises. Make sure to add air conditioning if you plan to spend a good amount of time up there.

While adding an addition to your home can be quite expensive, there are strategies you can use to add an extra room without as much expense. If the list above isn’t exhaustive enough, there are plenty of other building and remodeling strategies you can use to expand space while keeping costs down. Give it some thought.

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