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How do glasses act as a fashion accessory and protective shield simultaneously?

by Denial


Glasses are loved equally by all these days. People wear glasses for different purposes. Some wear glasses because they need them, some wear them because of fashion and some wear blue light glasses. Thus glasses are of a different use for everyone.


Glasses not only help us to see things but also acts as a protector for the eyes. The glasses are considered an eye protector because-


  • When one goes out, several factors affect the eyes and the glasses protect the eyes from those factors. One of them is the harmful UV rays of the sun. Since the glasses come with UV protection, our eyes stay protected and safe.


  • Glasses come with anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings which help to protect the eyes from glare and reflection and help to view better. Thus this is one of the reasons why one should wear glasses when going out and how glasses protect our eyes.


  • When one goes out, several dust particles tend to get inside our eyes. One who wears contact lenses is more prone to this and increases the risk of eye problems. But if one wears glasses, our eyes are protected in a better way. They act as safety gear.


  • Glasses with blue light coatings help to protect our eyes from the harmful blue light which emits from the digital screen. Digital screens include computers, laptops, mobiles, and others. Since people spend most of their time in front of the screens, wearing blue light glasses is compulsory. This is because, the more our eyes get exposed to the screens, the more eye problems start to develop. Eye strain increases, dry eyes, and many such problems start to develop. Thus wearing blue light glasses helps to get rid of such problems.


With protection comes style and fashion. People want to have both style and protection simultaneously. Thus the eyewear industry has made many such glasses frames that help to protect the eyes and also act as a fashion accessory.


Wooden glasses


This sounds like people are in the 18th century. But the truth is that wooden glasses are one of the stylish and elegant pairs of glasses of the 21st century. These glasses were originally made of wood as woods are natural ingredients and are also recyclable. As there are very few materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable, woods are one of the best options among them. These glasses are of different shapes and sizes and are fit for all men and women.


Marble glasses


Another pair of glasses are marble glasses. These glasses look excellent on anyone wearing them. They were once very famous but had lost their charm under various other glasses. But they have made a grand comeback with their new collection and a different appeal. These glasses are also available in different shapes and sizes and are also colourful in their appeal. These glasses are also suitable for every age group and people but adults look the best in these glasses. 


Hence glasses act as a protector and a fashion accessory at the same time helping people to fulfil their needs.

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