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How Can Jetpack Boost Core Web Vitals?

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How Can Jetpack Boost Core Web Vitals

Jetpack Boost provides the best opportunity for the website owners to supercharge their site’s performance and SEO with one click. Most successful websites check the performance of their websites based on the latest standards. After installing Jetpack Boost plugin on your WordPress website, you can also check the performance of your website based on these standards.

After improving the performance of your website, you can get lots of benefits in SEO. Its reason is that Google has included user experience in its ranking algorithms. This WordPress plugin can easily boost core web vitals.

The design of the Jetpack Boost is easy to use for webmasters. The webmasters can easily install, activate and turn on the modules of this WordPress plugin. After turning on the modules of this plugin, you can use it according to your requirements. Before installing this WordPress plugin, you should know that its alpha version is available. While using this plugin, you should test all the features on the staging website.

If you load the JS incorrectly, you can break your website. Anyhow, it offers three powerful modules. These three powerful modules can help boost the core web vitals of a website.

Powerful Modules to Boost Core web vitals:

The Jetpack WordPress plugin has three important features to boost the core web vitals. These three powerful modules are local critical CSS, defer non-essential JS and lazy image loading. Here, we will discuss these three powerful modules of this plugin.

1.      Local Critical CSS:

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is the most important code on a web page. CSS tells the web browsers about the style of a web page. The main task of the CSS in a website is to decide the look of a web page. It means that CSS manages the width of a web page. It decides the colour of a web page. CSS also dictates the size of the images on a website. All of these things are relevant to the look of a web page. It also works as a render-blocking resource on a website. Before displaying the web page on a web browser, it fully downloads the CSS. Moreover, it also shows its availability for web browsers.

It is also the best technique to ensure the fast loading of a web page. To ensure the fast loading of a web page, it extracts the CSS. This CSS is critical for displaying the content in the web browser. After displaying the content in the folds, it has to inline it. The problem is that CSS files can block the rendering of web pages; this plugin uses asynchronous attributes to overcome this problem. These attributes provide enough help to eliminate the render-blocking resources. As a result, your webpage can get a higher score in the Google Page Experience metrics. After eliminating the render-blocking resources, you can achieve a better score, which will boost Core web vitals. It is also the best way to improve the user experience.

2.      Defer Non-Essential JavaScript:

Defer means we have to look at the reference of the JavaScript attribute. We have to create websites by HTML. These are the basic building blocks of a website. These basic building blocks are in the form of JS element, Paragraph element or link element. With the help of an attribute, we have to modify the HTML elements. For example, if you have included a no-follow attribute with a link, this attribute can change the behaviour of a link. It will tell the search engines not to follow this link. We have to follow the defer element attribute in the form of the JavaScript element. This attribute tells the browser to build the web page.

Along with building the web page, it has to download the JavaScript. While downloading the JavaScript, it has to stop its execution. After completely downloading and rendering the JavaScript, it can allow the execution of the JavaScript. The defer attribute is also useful for the non-critical web page elements. Video is the most important example of these kinds of web page elements. You can also use this WordPress plugin to boost the deferring of these non-critical elements. Jetpack Boost can move these tasks after the page loads. Therefore, the visitors can easily see this visual information. Therefore, it is also the best way to boost the core web vitals.

3.      Lazy Image Loading:

When you check the speed of your website in the PageSpeed Insights, you will get this recommendation. For example, if a web page has four or five images, visitors can’t see all of these images at a time. They can see one or two images at a time. To see the remaining images, they have to scroll down the page. The lazy image loading limits the downloading of these images. This thing will last a positive impact on the speed of your website. After seeing these images, when a user scrolls down the page, he can see the other images. On the other hand, if a website has to load all the images simultaneously, it will take lots of time to load the web page. This thing can become a cause of frustration for the users.


These three powerful modules of this plugin show that it can boost the core web vitals. Along with these three powerful modules, there are various other reasons to use this WordPress plugin. First, it provides a free CDN to the users. To use its CDN, you don’t require any signup process. Secondly, you can also use it to monitor uptime and downtime. After monitoring the uptime and downtime of a website, it will send an email notification when it finds some issues. Thirdly, you can also use this plugin for infinite scroll in WordPress. Infinite scroll means that it will automatically load the new pages without refreshing your website. At last, you can also use it to publish posts via emails in WordPress.

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