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How can I troubleshoot the Orange light on the Netgear router?

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Orange Light on Netgear Router Problem

Do you see an orange light on Netgear router? Well! The orange light indicates that your device is having connectivity issues. If your Netgear router is giving you a hard time, walk through this post and get to know about the topic shooting solutions that can help you to fix the Orange light on Netgear router. To know more, continue reading!


The orange light on the Netgear router simply indicates that the problem belongs to your internet service provider. There is nothing wrong with your device, if you want to fix this connectivity error you just need to follow some easy troubleshooting instructions.


Why is my Netgear router showing an Orange light?

The orange light on Netgear router shows the technical glitches that the device is having. The most common reasons behind the orange light error are.

  • Outdated router firmware– Many times users continue to avoid the firmware update popups for a long time due to which they are stuck with orange light on Netgear router error. It is important to update the firmware whenever the new update is available for the smooth and effective functioning of the router.
  • Modem connection issues– there are chances that your model is not properly connected to the router due to which you are getting the orange light error.
  • Improper router setup- the blinking of orange light on the Netgear router can also result from the improper router setup.


What are the steps to troubleshoot the Orange light on the Netgear router?

You can fix the orange light on Netgear router with the following easy troubleshooting guidelines.


  • Orange internet LED

In case you see the orange internet LED on your router, the following troubleshooting steps can help you to fix the issue.

  1. First of all, you need to turn off the router and modem.
  2. Wait for a few minutes.
  3. Turn on the router and modem again.
  4. If the internet LED stays amber after restarting the devices, connect your router to the modem.


  • Orange light on specific ports

If you see the orange light on specific ports on your router, you can proceed with the steps below to fix the issue.

  1. Check your ethernet cable and make sure that it is not broken. If necessary you must replace the ethernet cable.
  2. You must update the drivers installed on your device.
  3. Make sure that you have a 1gbps network interface card on your device.


  • Ethernet Orange light on the router

If you see the Ethernet Orange light on the router, you can fix the problem with the steps below.

  1. Make sure that your router is located far from the objects that may cause interference.
  2. Login to your router and check for the firmware update, if any update is available install it on your device.

So this is how you can fix the router showing an orange light error.

If your router is showing the solid Amber power light, you must check the router and make sure that it is getting a proper power supply. You can reset the router to its factory default settings and do not forget to update the firmware.


How to update Netgear router firmware?

To troubleshoot the Netgear router blinks orange light, you need to update the router firmware. You can update the firmware by visiting the Netgear official website. The following steps can help you to update the firmware without trouble.


  • Connect your router to the computer using the ethernet cable.
  • Visit the Netgear support page.
  • Here you need to enter the model number of the product name of your router.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Click the firmware version available for the device.
  • Hit the download button.
  • If necessary, unzip the file.
  • Open the web browser to visit the routerlogin.net page.
  • On the login page, enter the username and password for your router. Enter the default details.
  • Go to the advanced section.
  • Click on the administration option.
  • From here you need to click on the router firmware update option.


Hopefully, these steps will help you to fix the orange light on the Netgear router error. If none of the above steps help you to fix the issue, you must reset the router to its factory default settings.


Reset the router

Resetting the router to its factory default settings can help you to troubleshoot the Orange light on Netgear router issues. To reset the router you need to press the reset button on your device and restart both the router and modem. If you reset the router to its factory default settings, it will remove all the previously customized settings you have made for it. Therefore, you need to log in again using the default username and password for the Netgear router.


Check the network connection

There are chances that you are getting an Orange light on the router error due to poor internet connectivity. Therefore, you must check and make sure that the devices are connected to each other properly. The proper connectivity in the case that your modem and router must be working fine and there should be a proper connection between them. Do not forget to check the ethernet cable, as the faulty and broken cable can also be the reason. If required, replace your cable with a new one.

The bottom line

We hope that the above-mentioned steps will help you to troubleshoot the Orange light on Netgear router error on the device. Netgear routers are the fastest routers available in the market and are trusted by millions of users worldwide for their incredible Wi-Fi services. Routers are known for providing a strong and consistent network connection. However, connectivity issues on the router can always occur and may hamper the user experience. If you are getting an Orange light on a Netgear router error on the device, you must fix it with the troubleshooting guidelines mentioned above. All the provided steps are easy to follow and surely help you to fix the issue. But if you are still having connectivity issues with your Netgear router, do not hesitate to contact the experts and get immediate professional assistance.

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