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Hair transplant on the diabetic patient: How is the treatment done?

Hair Transplant On Diabetic Patients: Is It Possible?

by SalenaMartine
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Hair transplant on the diabetic patient: Can it be done?

To answer the question straightforwardly, ‘Yes, It’s possible. So, if you are diabetic and planning to get a Hair Transplant in Punjab, then it’s all-important for you to get routine health screening to ensure everything is managed effectively. Most importantly, you are asked a number of questions to ensure your health is right in all possible ways. Keeping a check on the blood sugar level is essential to ensure there are no such complications while getting the surgery.


Additionally, the advanced technology used for the Hair Transplant in Vizag makes everything worth it. It’s the existing medical treatment plan that allows everything to be carried out with utmost precision and ensures the outcomes are way better than expected. When the surgeon plans your hair transplant treatment, the initial consideration is given to checking whether you are a suitable candidate for the hair transplant treatment or not. So, after determining every possible factor, the next stages of treatment are planned to address the hair loss problem.


Successful hair transplant in diabetic patients

In most patients, a hair transplant is carried out in the most successful manner. So, even patients who are diabetic can get the benefits of this surgery. But, yes, it’s of utmost importance that you keep a proper check over your diabetic level throughout the treatment and even during recovery. Doing so does ensure that the outcomes are achieved in the way you are looking for. Understand that you are only told about the Hair Transplant Cost after checking your entire condition and how many hair grafts are required to perform your hair transplant.


Important questions to ask the doctor for diabetic patients getting a hair transplant

Some of the essential considerations to keep in mind are:

  • How controlled are your blood sugar levels?
  • How long does a hair transplant take? If it’s lengthy, then hormones and blood sugar might result in a negative effect on hair transplant.
  • How is wound healing with diabetic patients getting a hair transplant?
  • How can diabetes impact hair loss?
  • How can diabetes affect the blood flow and the body’s immunity?


When is a hair transplant considered for diabetic patients?

With diabetes, the problem is noticed in hormonal balance. This is the major reason for hair loss. Especially when diabetes is not under control, then sugar levels are bound to rise, which can have a negative effect on hair health. Over time, the hair follicle cycle is inactive, and you will notice hair loss. Moreover, diabetic patients with hair loss even witness bald patches and thinning hair scalp. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you consult the doctor about seeking hair transplant treatment and understand how this treatment will work for you.


Have you made up your mind to get a hair transplant?

Great choice!

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