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First Know These Facts Before Booking A Helicopter Flight Tenerife

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Helicopter Ride to Tenerife

If you are thinking to take a Helicopter Ride to Tenerife then don’t miss the EL teide. El Teide is stunning from the ground, wait till you see it from the air.

This is the longest and most sumptuous helicopter trip of them all, soaring over this intriguing volcano and Europe’s most visited national park.

Since 1997, the volcano “El Teide” has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is Spain’s highest summit.

It is a 120-kilometer trek that passes through the Corona Forestal Park, the wine-growing Orotava Valley, Puerto de la Cruz, the alpine region of Vilaflor, and the lava tongues left at Santiago del Teide by the 1909 volcanic eruption. An authentic VIP experience

What is the advantage of flying by helicopter?

Have you ever been in a helicopter before? This is your opportunity! The south coast of Tenerife is the ideal location to experience the sensation of walking on the beach at your feet for the first time.

What will we be able to view throughout the tour?

Prepare for takeoff by putting your best foot forward. A helicopter tour down the south coast of Tenerife is an excellent introduction to helicopter travel. First, we’ll go towards the shore to capture some of the island’s most secluded nooks from the air. It is planned that we fly over the “Puerto,” an area well-known for its turtle sightings. Following that, we’ll head to the fishing town of La Caleta. We next proceed to the Costa Adeje Golf Course, which is one of the most prestigious golf courses on the island of Tenerife. We have finally arrived in the hotel district of Los Cristianos and Las Americas.

You will be able to see the south shore of Tenerife from a completely different perspective and by helicopter as a result of participating in this event!! Discovering the canyons of southern Tenerife from the air is a unique and breathtaking experience, and it is well worth it. Additionally, at the apex of the experience, you will be able to see Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak, in the distance.

the location of a meeting

We’ll gather at the Adeje Heliport for a group photo. The distance between Playa de las Americas and the hotel is ten minutes by automobile.

The length is about 8 and 9 minutes. It’s around 20 kilometers distant.

When do you have to make your flight reservations?

You may make a reservation up to 48 hours in advance. We will require you to furnish us with your ID or passport to proceed. In addition, children under the age of two are not charged for their flights.


Since the helicopter must be prepared and hired in advance of the tour, this activity is not as flexible as some of the other options.

From the time of booking until 48 hours before your travel, you will be charged 50% of the total value of the booked flight. If you cancel your flight less than 48 hours before it departs, you will be charged the full amount of the ticket.

What should I bring with me to the helicopter?

It is advised that you dress in comfortable clothes with a few layers of warm clothing.

Where should I eat?

The beautiful town of La Caleta is only a few minutes away by vehicle and is well worth the trip. You’ll discover a variety of dining options in that area. If you’re in the mood for a drink and some seafood, Rincón del Varadero is the place to go. You may also visit Saltpeter, a magnificent terrace on the outskirts of the hamlet. Alternatively,

After the activity, what should you do?

In La Caleta, you may take a refreshing plunge in the sea or explore the bottom with snorkeling equipment. You may also visit the lookout to observe the cliffs of Los Gigantes and enjoy a “barraquito,” a traditional Canarian coffee while taking in the scenery.

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