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EML to PST Converter

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EML to PST Converter

Conversion from one email format to another is required whenever the user wants to move from the current application to another. Since many users are looking for a solution to convert EML to PST, this write-up will take you through a manual method and automated method using a professional EML to PST converter.

However, before we get to the effective method, there are a few reasons where users might need to import EML to Outlook or convert EML to PST for Outlook.

Reasons behind EML files to Outlook PST conversion:

  • If users wish to change their system for email clients, they can convert EML to PST as the PST file format is easy to port and accessible in MS Outlook.
  • Outlook is the most reliable and multi-user account accessible email application. It provides advanced security features to the users, which prompt users to check it out.
  • If the configured email account is deleted, users can convert the EML file to PST, and Outlook allows importing PST files from any location in the system.

We discussed some of the reasons behind EML to PST conversion, yet the reasons may more according to different users.

Import EML to Outlook manually:

This method involves creating a new folder in Outlook and dragging and dropping (copy & paste) the EML files from local storage to the created Outlook folder. Before using this method to import EML files into Outlook, it is better to backup your EML file to avoid any disasters.

Open your EML folder file and launch MS Outlook simultaneously and follow the below step.

  • In Outlook, click the Folder tab, and select the New Folder
  • In the Create New Folder wizard, provide a name for the new folder and click OK.
  • Find the newly created Outlook folder and keep it open.
  • After that, go to the location where the EML files are stored. Here, select all the desired EML files and then drag and drop them into that newly created Outlook folder.

(You can copy and paste EML files into the created Outlook folder.)

Challenges with the above method:

  • This method is not secure, there are possibilities of data loss, and files may be corrupt with the drag and drop method.
  • There is no option to prevent duplication and EML files can be stored in that folder repeatedly. It can lead to data storage with redundant data.
  • If users have multiple EML files in different folders to import to Outlook, it will take a long time and effort to perform this task manually.

Manually, it is not possible to import EML to Outlook in a seamless and error-free manner. Hence specialized EML to PST converter utility is required to convert EML to PST. Weeom Solutions provides an excellent software solution to make this task easier for everyone.

Weeom EML to PST converter software:

A picture-perfect solution from Weeom automates the EML to PST converter effortlessly. Weeom EML to PST converter software is built with advanced algorithms.

Salient Features:

  • It supports single/multiple EML files to process into PST at once without any glitches.
  • Users can preview the added EML file items before converting them to the respective target.
  • Split option: It is one of the crucial options in this software as the tool allows any size EML files to process. Using the split option, users can set the size of oversize resulting PST files into multiple smaller PST files.
  • It provides EML conversion to Unicode and ANSI PST for different versions of Outlook.
  • Items filter option: There is a filter option with the criteria to include/exclude specific items based on Subject, To, From, etc.
  • In addition to EML to PST, This EML to PST converter allows converting EML to MSG file format.
  • Users can export EML/EMLX files to Live Exchange (Public folders and Archive mailboxes).

Suggestion:You can check the efficiency of this EML converter with the free evaluation version. Using the evaluation version, one can process the first 50 items per folder with the estimating tool’s performance.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a safe and easy way. Use the mentioned EML to PST converter solution to convert EML to PST for Outlook. It assures zero data impact.

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