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Don’t buy Pepper Spray Without Reading This

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Living in a world where danger can lurk in any corner can be a terrific yet exciting experience. However, it’s not that you will be attacked today or tomorrow. You are less likely to get into trouble if your lifestyle does not include visiting dangerous locations. But not eliminated. Among other safety equipment, pepper spray is the most prominent among people, especially women.

These types of equipment are necessary unless you know the basics of martial arts enough to defend against such threats. Unfortunately, only 12.2 % of Americans are metabolically healthy, let alone the idea of learning martial arts. As we all know, martial arts is an art that uses full-body movement to produce powerful strikes. If people are not healthy enough to move, they are easy prey for robbers and thieves.

However, with defensive equipment, such as pepper spray and tasers, anyone can defend themselves regardless of their physical attributes. If you are considering buying pepper spray, this blog will help you learn everything about them.

What is pepper spray?

A pepper spray is a defensive item that can be used in a dire situation to protect oneself. The sprays are similar to deodorant cans and have a projectile distance of 6 to 10 feet. This spray causes a burning sensation on the skin, lasting 15 to 20 minutes. And depending upon the infected location, it can range from a mild burning sensation to a burning sensation like someone has poured hot oil on your skin.

What causes a burning sensation when pepper spray is used?

As its name implies, is made from pepper. Not exactly pepper, but their primary chemical is capsaicin, the same chemical found in the pepper. This chemical causes a burning sensation. However, the effect can last from person to person. For example, it can last for half an hour for sensitive people, and for some rough-and-tough people, it can ward off in 5 minutes or less. Still, you have plenty of time to get out of that situation.

Things to know before you own a pepper spray

  • You cannot spray it on someone casually as it counts as a felony, and if the victim files a case, you’ll be spending the next few nights behind bars. So, use it responsibly and in a dire situation where you have no other option than to use pepper spray to protect yourself.
  • Once you use the pepper spray on someone, get out of that situation, immediately inform the police about it, and tell them why you used it.
  • It is spray equipment, so physical factors such as wind speed will affect its projectile. And if you are careful with how you are using it, you can cause trouble for other people nearby or, at worst, for yourself.
  • People are sometimes not affected by the it, either because they have been continuously exposed to the capsaicin, or because they are intoxicated. So, the best option is to avoid getting into a difficult situation.

How to use a pepper spray the right way

  • Keep it  in your bag or in a pocket where you can access it quickly. This will allow you to reach out to it quickly if the situation requires it.
  • Attacks will be near you most of the time, so aim for the eye in a short burst of sprays. Ensure you are not spraying continuously as you are also near the attacker and might burn yourself.
  • If the attacker is over 5 feet away, refrain from spraying it. It would be too obvious for the attacker to see what you are up to and take necessary precautions. Moreover, spraying from a distance can cause the spray to spread to a wider area.
  • Aim for sensitive spots, such as the eyes or mouth.
  • The moment the attacker ducks to protect their eyes and another sensitive part, get your belongings and run away from the scene.

Laws governing pepper sprays

  • In the U.S., you can carry and use pepper spray for self-defense in every 50 states. However, some states have certain conditions for carrying pepper spray.
  • For example, some states only allow a person to carry a pepper spray based on the can size, concentration, and user’s age. Generally, people over the age of 18 can buy it.
  • And obviously, felons cannot buy pepper spray no matter what.
  • Currently, 13 states have laws that govern the use of it, including Washington D.C.

Where is pepper spray prohibited?

Although you can carry pepper spray anywhere, you cannot carry it openly in public. According to laws, it should be concealed or restricted in some places, such as airplane cabins, where pepper spray can be disastrous.

So, while entering forbidden areas where pepper spray is not allowed, do not carry them. It may unnecessarily levy fines and charges if caught.

How to handle it’s irritation?

Finally, how to deal with it’s irritation? It is common for people to become the self-victim of pepper sprays. Unfortunately, there is no one solution to reduce the effect of it as capsaicin is only one equipment of many that cause a burning sensation. In addition, it may contain other items such as water, alcohol, ethyl-alcohol, nitrogen, or carbon-di-oxide, which can make the effect persistent. So, here are some things that you can do to ease the burning of pepper spray.

  • Get out of the situation and get some fresh air.
  • Try washing the area with plenty of water. If it doesn’t work, dampen a cloth with milk and rub the affected area. The protein content of milk breaks down the capsaicin and eases the pain.
  • Don’t use soap in the affected area as it can irritate the area.
  • Remove the clothes that are affected by the spray to avoid re-contamination.

These are the things you need to know before buying a pepper spray. There are many stores that offer it for sale from where you can buy a good quality pepper spray. Finally, always use them with care and take necessary precautions whenever necessary.

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