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Digital education changing the world

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For thirty years, the world has enjoyed the use of digital technology in teaching and the integration of information and communication diploma of information technology in education. Every education administrator understands that this is a big issue. However, we can think of something subtle: digital diploma of information technology is not integrated into education, schools are not changing, and many educators are still far away on the use of technology.

But we can also see the experimentation, innovation, achievement of the use of digital technology in teaching-learning and the performance of many digital devices built into class and distance learning. Soils are very different, Sevres International Journal of Education. This problem describes some of the possible explanations.

Technology and instruction

Two ways to learn digital is to be technologically advanced. When computer technology appeared, we wanted to know why and how to use it in class. This is the state of the computer, and the following devices are: laptops, calculators, interactive whiteboards, tablets, smartphones, and more. We have seen many trials and tribulations of using the latest technology in the classroom. That. The new benefit is that there are no significant improvements in learning to use these tools. If technology is in the area of ​​learning, it will not affect the instruction provided by the instructors.

However, some of the features of this guide are sometimes incompatible with diploma in information technology in Australia. For example, digital technology encourages collaboration, while teaching traditionally enables students to be more humane. Incorporating the use of technology in traditional teaching is a burden on the learning team: information, resources, time, room and extra work … It is not surprising. that most expectations have not yet been established.

3 Read 9 Case Studies Taken together, we find that countries such as South Korea, the Netherlands and Australia, which have improved the integration of technology in education, at making this question from a learning point of view. . , No hesitation asks about the function of education. These are national education and politics.

4 The curriculum refers to student learning as a means of instruction. It is not a question of using technology to make new learning possible through the use of technology, but allows instruction with technology. Will be an important subject in setting goals and thinking, focusing on how technology enables it to achieve them. The potential has increased dramatically. He focuses on the teacher and he needs an engineering education.

The competition for new schools in the world is changing

Digital 5 technology is now expanding across all segments of the community. Educating students and preparing them for tomorrow’s citizenship is a way for young people to acquire. The knowledge and skills needed by the community in the use of technology zis. Therefore, teaching yesterday’s knowledge and skills yesterday or today through the use of technology can not be questione. But is preparing students for tomorrow’s knowledge and skills. For example, this estimate is important for South Korean education policy.


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