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Design Your Own Barbie Doll Boxes With These Tips

Custom Barbie Doll Boxes

by henryjoseph
Barbie Doll Boxes

Barbies are loved by many girls and boys. They come in different shapes and sizes and each one is unique. The dolls are not just beautiful and charming, they have a special significance. Every child has their favorite Barbie. And every child loves to keep their Barbies in something! The dollhouses and doll boxes are the ultimate way to keep your Barbies organized and displayed. So, it’s time to learn how you can design your own Barbie doll boxes with these tips.

Decide where to store your Barbie dolls

When you are looking for a doll box, make sure you choose one that is right for the space you have available. If you have a large room, you could go for a large storage option. If you have limited space, you could look at smaller options that can fit comfortably into your space. Consider the various style options available and find one that is a good fit for your space.

Choose a box style

There are many different options for doll boxes. Here are some of the most common styles:

  • The sliding box: The most common box style, the sliding box is one of the easiest to use. Simply place the box open side down on the floor, then slide the box open to display your Barbie. The box will stay open and your doll will stay put.
  • The hinged box: The closed box is another popular box style, especially for larger collections. Simply place the box flat on the floor and lift the lid (or hinged flap) to display your doll.
  • The lift-up lid: Another box style that is great for small collections, the lift-up lid is also known as a “tent” style box. You can slide one side of the lid up to reveal the interior.

Choose a color palette

When choosing a color palette for your box, you have many options. You can choose to match the color of your Barbies or pick a different color palette to help match different furniture pieces or accessories in your room. When choosing the individual colors, make sure you use muted shades of each color. This will help your box blend in with your room and give it a more refined appearance.

Make some pattern and layout changes

If you have a favorite Barbie, it’s likely that she has her own unique style and look. So, why not take this into consideration when designing your box? There are many ways to make patterns, layouts and designs unique to your collection. Try using stickers and stencils to add additional detail to your custom boxes. You can also purchase stickers and stencils online to make your designs even more individualized and creative.

Add details to make it special

There are many ways to make your Barbie boxes more special. You can try adding decorations like ribbons, feathers and flowers to make your box look more special, or you could add a photo of your Barbie to the box. This will make the box more personal and special to your collection. For a more creative addition, you could place a small piece of paper with a pattern inside the box. This will prevent dust and dirt from getting into the box and will allow you to easily clean the box at the end of the season.

Wrapping and finishing touches

Before storing your Barbies at the end of the season, it’s a good idea to clean them and remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated over the year. You can use a cloth and some water to wipe the dolls clean. Make sure to dry the dolls completely before wrapping them up in tissue and placing them away safely. You can use a decorative box to help make the storage look more special and stylish. You could also purchase doll boxes online to help organize your collection and look stylish while doing it!

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