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Demystifying Audemars Piguet Offshore fake watches and looking back over the years

by wz51129
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The Royal Oak Offshore is a fake watches destined for innovation and change.

Changes in watch design were made continuously during the launch of the new Royal Oak Offshore.

The early versions that demonstrated the versatility of the Royal Oak Offshore also showed that the line was accessible to the masses even though the situation was not as promising at first as it is now.

The launch of a“Monster”fake watches

Twenty-five years after its appearance,the Offshore is still a unique design that occupies a dubious place in the Audemars Piguet brand’s catalog.

Today,the watchmaker offers more than 40 different Offshore models ranging from reborn versions and the original chronograph version launched in 1993.

There are also more complicated versions with materials.

company’s pioneer.

Then there are many ISO-certified versions specifically for diving watches with screw-down crowns that are much different from the original Offshore line.

The Audemars Piguet brand has relied on Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore for many years.

In 2019,AP tried to bring a new line of watches as to reduce the brand’s dependence on the two mainstream product lines above.

The new line of fake watches is called the CODE 11.59.

But who knows,Offshore was launched in 1993 to celebrate the first Royal Oak version.

This line of watches appeared as a test model of the manufacturer on new materials,limited quantities and heavily inherited from the Royal Oak design.

Now,let’s explore with Gia Bao Luxury the very first Royal Oak Offshore watches,produced between 1993 and 2004.

Important highlights have gradually entered the hearts of fans,even some versions you may not have seen before!

A little recap of the origin of Royal Oak Offshore

It is difficult to talk about the Royal Oak Offshore watch without talking about the Royal Oak–the watch modeled by the Audemars Piguet brand.

Closing the curtain in 1972,the Royal Oak is the rebranded Audemars Piguet(AP)watch.

Royal Oak has defined a new definition of a high-end timepiece,shaping AP as the leader in this newly emerging watch line.

And beyond that,Royal Oak seems to have changed the culture inside the manufacturing plants-stainless steel was rarely used in those days.

The AP executive from 1966 to 1987 once said that launching the Royal Oak was a bold move,but it was necessary to energize the brand and drive sales during this time.

long-term decline.

The Royal Oak is the first luxury stainless steel sports watch to feature a built-in metal strap.

On the other hand,the fake watches is made from steel.

Compared to many gold watches,the processing of steel watches is more expensive and more complicated.

Inside the first Royal Oak is the thinnest automatic movement in the world with a date window,caliber 2121.

Protecting the movement is a case finished to perfection in the class of watches.

precious metal lake.

At first,the Royal Oak was not accepted,but then the world recognized the complexity of the watch case.

fake watches

Now,this line of fake watches has evolved unpredictably over the years.

One of the most influential and controversial watches of the 20th century is the Royal Oak Offshore.

This line of fake watches has many similarities with the Royal Oak such as the octagonal bezel with aesthetic screws on top,the embossed pattern in the dial and the integrated strap set.

Another difference is that the size has increased to 42mm.

While maintaining a homage to the timeless design from Gérald Genta,Emmanuel Gueit has added some more masculine features to the Royal Oak Offshore line such as a chronograph feature and Therban®rubber strap.

The Audemars Piguet brand put a lot of thought,effort and time into the development of a new watch model.

But ironically,the manufacturer had to delay the launch of the new product after a year marking the 20th anniversary of the Royal Oak line of watches,ie 1993.

“Case construction takes a long time because it is never simple to implement,even when it is larger”–Raphäel Balestra,archivist at the AP brand museum.

The reason for the increase in size is that the manufacturer incorporated a chronograph module from the manufacturer Dubois-Depraz into the JLC 888 movement.

A wrought iron ring was used to increase antimagnetic resistance and then added to the counter.

The dial chronograph makes the Offshore one of those watches built on the principle of“style follows function”.

Like the Royal Oak introduced in 1972,Offshore was heavily criticized for being too big,too different at first.

The fake watches received negative reviews in every respect,and mostly from people who had owned the original Royal Oak watch.

Designer Gérald Genta was furious about Offshore’s case proportions and openly criticized AP for its decision to use the Royal Oak name for the new line.

With Gérald Genta,AP stripped the Royal Oak of its original essence.

Similar to the Royal Oak in 1972,Offshore was not well received in the first fairs/exhibitions.

“A lot of people consider this watch a mistake by Audemars Piguet,”admitted Balestra.

“They don’t like it(Offshore)”.

Although the Offshore was not accepted by loyal AP customers,this line of watches changed the face of the brand.

Finally,Audemars Piguet found support from Italy again.

Royal Oak Offshore is popular with young and rich Italians.

Even one of the most popular athletes in this country,Alberto Tomba,decided to choose ROO as a companion.

Tomba with three Olympic gold medals in skiing was the first of those who opted to wear the Offshore on the wrist.

He became a brand ambassador and Audemars Piguet quickly brought the image of Tomba to implement marketing strategies.

The limited edition fake watches of this time increased awareness of the watch line.

The partnership with Formula One drivers Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has brought the fame of Audemars Piguet to the world.

The strong identity of the brand is attributed to the Royal Oak Offshore line of watches,

which no one in Switzerland would have believed would happen in just a few short decades.

About the Royal Oak Offshore 25721ST-“The Beast”

Offshore’s design has also been changed several times.

This is similar to the Royal Oak Offshore 25721ST version nicknamed“The Beast”.

Besides the numbers on the case that allow us to tell the age of the watch,

there are a few other details that can indicate the year of manufacture such as:

Watch case:

The word Offshore did not appear in the first 100 watches produced.

You only find“Royal”and“Oak”and come with numbers like 51,and 59.

Editions like these are highly sought after by collectors.

Phillips Auctioneer sold a version numbered N°39 for CHF 102,500.

Please note,the numbers on the watch are linked to the watch model number(ref)and the material of the fake watches.

So those models numbered 51 and 59 would be 51th and 59th Ref.25621ST is made of stainless steel,

while N°53 is 53rd Ref.25721BA is made from gold.

String Structure:

The first 500 Royal Oak Offshore models come with stainless steel bracelets,double folding buckles,and a slim center piece like the one on the N°59 in the photo.

Later models still come with the same metal strap.

Dial Variations D-E-F:

The dial change also reveals the true age of the original stainless steel Royal Oak Offshore watch.

There is an imperfection in the production process of the ref.25721ST.

Accordingly,the same ref but up to 3 dial versions appeared.

The two variants D and F with serial numbers on the dial appeared between 1993 and 1999 and the F variant was produced between 1999 and 2004.

So what is the difference between the D and E variants?

The fake watches with the serial number 59 is one of the first 1000 production sessions,all appearing with the E series dials,featuring the following:

1.Dense,more square tapisserie inside the dial

2.The blue paint on the dial is not stable and over time will fade,showing brass.

3.The fake watches with the serial number D(top right)was produced a little later,before AP changed the dial manufacturer in 1999.

Variations feature:

4.The colors used on the dial have become different,with more of a purple tint than the first blue version introduced in 1993.

Over time,the color will also change.

Finally,the ROO variant ref.The 25721ST with F-series dials was released between 1999 and 2003.

These variations are characterized by:A more stable dial coating has been used.

And these versions will show no signs of age unless something goes wrong.

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