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Can the Miami Dolphins Really Win the Super Bowl This Year

by sophiajames

According to odds experts at online sportsbooks, the Dolphins have just about a 4% chance of winning the big game before the season starts. On paper, those odds translate to around 22 to 1. But, can this upstart team from South Florida really threaten the teams that are already established as winners (such as Kansas City)? We hope to provide some information in this post which will help you decide the answer.

Although the Miami Dolphins made it to the playoffs last season, few people believed they would have a shot at beating the BIlls. The Dolphins did however manage to almost win that game, giving them a lot of hope for this season.

Why the Dolphins May Actually Win the Super Bowl in 2023

You want experience on your team if you want to win the Super Bowl. You want men who have experience and understand what it takes to win. The individuals who have never been there before are also important. The men who will go above and beyond to reach the summit and who are desperate for a taste of a championship. The Dolphins might have discovered the ideal dish.

Mike McDaniel, the head coach, has experience in the Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers, a team that relied on its run game to reach the Super Bowl, used McDaniel as their offensive run game coordinator in Super Bowl LIV in 2019. Tyreek Hill, a wide receiver, played in the same Super Bowl and helped the Kansas City Chiefs win. Tua Tagovailoa has won some championships despite never making it to the Super Bowl. Tua cemented his championship DNA by tossing the game-winning touchdown in the NCAA national championship game’s walk-off. With the Rams, Jalen Ramsey won a Super Bowl in 2021. Without a doubt, the championship experience exists.

On the other hand, you have young guys with immense potential like Christian Wilkins, Bradley Chubb, DeShon Elliott, Xavien Howard, and Jevon Holland who have never even held a championship trophy in their hands. They are the ones in the center who are driven by a fierce desire to succeed and witness a Super Bowl. They provide a team with the motivation they need to cross the finish line.

The combination of motivation and experience is ideal. The Miami Dolphins possess every component required for a squad to win the Super Bowl and shock the NFL.

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