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Bring Elegance Into Your kitchen with Black Granite Countertops

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Bring Elegance Into Your kitchen with Black Granite Countertops

Black granite is a variety of granite distinguished by its deep black hue. Depending on where the stone was quarried, the hue will change. However, the colour is typically a dark black. Black granite is a preferred option for flooring and kitchen worktops because of how beautiful it is and how little maintenance it needs.

Black granite is a fantastic option for kitchen counters and other high-traffic areas because it is also highly sturdy and long-lasting. In fact, granite exporters of India has always a seen a huge demand of this igneous stone for various purposes. Granite can be utilised for artwork, wall cladding, murals, and flooring. You can get in touch with the granite stone manufacturers in India to help you select the right one for your need.  

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Why choose black granite?

  • Any flooring, furniture, and wall colour looks fantastic with black granite.
  • It is far more durable than White Granite.
  • For a kitchen where food is cooked and served, black granite is ideal because of its strong resistance to water and acids.
  • Bright countertops or tiles can improve the natural appearance.
  • Black granite is long-lasting and sturdy with a fine-grain texture that gives the kitchen more charm and personality.
  • Black granite is a favourite due to its angular and ominous appearance. For those who want to include refinement in their homes, black granite might be a wise investment.


How to make your kitchen look elegant with black granite?

White and black granite for kitchen design

White and black have always gone well together. These colours complement each other beautifully in practically any setting and are lovely. These colours are adaptable and come in a huge range of tones and hues. The contrast between black and white is ideal, and the two colours are wonderfully complementary.


Gold and black granite for kitchen 

If you want your kitchen to exude richness and elegance, this could be the perfect countertop for you. Even while gold is a high-end colour on its own, adding black raises the bar even more. Since the stone has a striking appearance that really enhances your kitchen, its texture gives the room a sophisticated feel.


Wood and black granite for kitchen

With this combination of materials, your kitchen will have a rough, industrial feel. Because it can stand out more, light wood textures complement the black granite exceptionally nicely. The beauty and opulence of the black granite and the cosy, inviting quality of wood are combined in this kitchen design to create the best of both worlds.


Black granite for kitchen with black cabinets

An elegant combo is usually black and black. When a space is completely covered in black, it exudes refinement and a sense of mystery. It is a gently opulent colour for your kitchen. The only drawback is that it could seem like a much smaller space.

Grained black granite for kitchen 

If going all black on your counters seems too risky to you, consider using this black granite in your kitchen instead. If you feel that pure black is a little too dull for you, the grainy texture gives a little more contrast and punches up your countertop.


What Types Of Finishes Are Available For Black Granite Countertops? 

Leathered/Brushed Finish – This is a relatively new finishing style which can retain the original colour of the natural stone. This sophisticated choice is stain-resistant. 

Polished Finish – This is the conventional look and can seal pores in the stone. When styled correctly, it enhances the shine of embedded crystals/specks. It is wear & tear-resistant giving your kitchen a sleek look 

Caressed Finish – This style enhances the shine to an already brushed finish and sometimes can give a rugged and elegant look. This is also moisture-resistant.

Honed Finish – It comes in matt/satin finish but is less stain-resistant and more porous. This is more expensive than polished finish and gives a subtle and casual look

Flamed Finish – This is a rare finish and is commonly used for outdoor kitchens. The final surface is rough that comes with a faded/muted look.

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