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Best Study Plan and Tips for NEET Droppers


by Kavya
Best Study Plan and Tips for NEET Droppers

Being a NEET dropper is not easy. Your relatives and friends will question you, and sometimes your family members. You must fight your thoughts and do consistent hard work for one year. Before starting your preparation, it is essential to determine the main reason you could not perform up to your expectations and what went wrong. I suggest you note down the things that were responsible for your failure. Be honest with yourself and work on your weak areas. 

This article shares the best study plan and tips for NEET Droppers.

Best Study Plan and Tips for NEET Droppers

Best Study Plan for NEET Droppers

Everyone has a routine for studying for the exam. Staying consistent and following the same routine throughout the year is essential. Before you make any study routine for yourself, be sure to consider the following points. 

  1. During the first half of the time, try to complete your syllabus and work on your weak portion. Try to bridge gaps between the topics and focus on exam-oriented learning.
  2. Solve two mock tests every week. It is always advisable to solve mock tests from 2:00 pm to 5:20 pm, during the timings of your main exam. This will help you to be highly active during your exam.
  3. While requesting assistance, the reticence students may have one of the main barriers in the dropper-to-topper NEET path. However, you must defeat this barrier and seek help from your teachers, mentors, and friends. Feeling stuck is expected, but the best way to improve is to fill in the gaps and learn from your primary errors. Remember, your family, teachers, and friends are your real supporters.
  4. Join a coaching institute online or offline, depending on your needs. You can take Physics Wallah’s course; they are the best for NEET students and very cost-effective. If you want to prepare offline, You can join Physics Wallah’s Pathshala or Vidyapeeth batches.
  5. Focus on NCERT books. NTA has been making NCERT-based papers for the last three years. Don’t ignore NCERT, especially biology and chemistry. 

Things You MUST care about while preparing for NEET dropper:

  1. Don’t go for many books. It will create confusion. And you won’t be able to solve any of them and end up losing time. Remember, your time is precious, and competition is very high, so spend time wisely. 
  2. One of the most critical steps in preparation is to learn from the mistakes of the past. Focus on correcting the errors you made last year. Since you clearly understand your weak and strong points, cover the tough topics first. A student should complete the NEET course curriculum by covering all the chapters skipped the previous year.
  3. Practice Makes Man Perfect

It is one of the essential mantras for achieving every goal. Practice the chapters, questions, and study material again and again. The previous year’s NEET question paper advises dropouts to take at least two NEET mock test weekly. Students will face different types of questions of intricacy via mock exams. You may use this to enhance your NEET exam fear and prepare for exam day.

During the last weeks of your NEET study, check through the topics from past exams. Year after year, the test has an extensive range of questions reiterated. You can improve your answers to these questions by studying for the previous year’s NEET exam. Always analyze your mock papers, write down all the silly mistakes, and work on them.

Study for 8-10 hours daily during the last 6-8 months without being inconsistent. 

  • Never Ignore Physics

This is the nightmare of all NEET aspirants, and if you want to clear the exam, then it is advisable to study physics in the early morning or when you start studying for the day.

Tips for NEET Droppers

The NEET exam is all about hard work. Aspirants ready to put their whole heart and soul into it will surely get selected, irrespective of their talent. I am sharing some tips to score good marks in the NEET exam.

  1. Drop year can cause a lot of tension and stress that usually gets more over the years if you are a dropper for multiple years. Make sure to talk to your family members for 20-30 minutes a day to have some relaxation time. 
  2. It is imperative to be determined. Time is very less, so utilize it as much as you can. You can listen to NCERT audiobooks while traveling or solve questions while attending some unavoidable events. 
  3. Make sure to sleep for 6-7 hours a day for the proper functioning of your body.
  4. Set short-term targets. Plan for a day or a maximum of a week. Don’t make advance plans for the next six months. Set small targets and try to achieve them. These small steps will let you reach the goal. 
  5. In the NEET exam, the theory is important, but it’s also important to focus on practicing a lot of questions. Solve NEET Mock test and previous year’s papers and give at least 30 mock tests before appearing in the actual examination. 

An Ending Note

We have discussed every essential bit of detail related to NEET droppers. These are the accurate and tested methods used by NEET droppers who have cleared NEET exams previously. We respect your determination and hard work in working towards your goal of becoming a doctor, and we wish you well as you prepare for the NEET 2023. Remember that a NEET dropper’s capability to thrive will rely on their adherence to their studies.

If you want to qualify for this examination, then you have to work on your silly mistakes. These silly mistakes can cost you your entire investment in terms of time and money. It can waste a full-fledged year of preparation. So accordingly, a student has to work very hard to achieve these results. But practice is the sure-shot be to get successful. If you practice consistently, then nothing can stop you. 


How many hours should a NEET dropper study?

Maintain a regular study schedule and study for at least 6 to 8 hours daily. This does not include your coaching sessions. Divide your study time between subjects evenly and follow the timetable religiously. 

Which is the best course for NEET dropper?

Students can go for PW NEET dropper batch “Yakeen 2.0 D2 2023.” This is the best batch available on the internet for students who want to study online. As you know, Physics Wallah is the best for NEET preparation. You can join their Pathshala and Vidyapeeth batches. Pathshala is based on a hybrid classroom system, and the Vidyapeeth is a complete offline classroom system. 

Does dropping a year for NEET preparation will be beneficial?

Many students who fail to clear the NEET exam or are left off with the desired rank make it through NEET on their first attempt to succeed. My friend cleared the NEET exam on his second attempt. You can find many inspirational stories of NEET dropouts who are now doctors on the Internet.

Which coaching institute is the best for NEET dropouts?

Here is the top list of the best institutes for NEET dropouts.

  1. Physics Wallah Pathshala and Vidyapeeth
  2. Allen Career Institute
  3. Akash Institute
  4. Narayana Academy For NEET and IIT JEE

Best online courses for NEET dropper students:

  1. Physics Wallah Yakeen D2 2023 batch
  2. Akash Digital
  3. Unacademy
  4. Vedantu
  5. Byju NEET Course

Does NCERT Book sufficient to clear the NEET exam?

NCERT books are considered to be the bible for NEET aspirants. Most of the questions directly come from the NCERT Books. NTA follows NCERT books to prepare for the NEET exams. Experts and students who have cleared the NEET exam state that studying from NCERT Textbook is sufficient for the NEET 2023 exam.


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