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Best Places to Visit in Monterrey

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Although the most popular industrialized city throughout Mexico, Monterrey has been facilitating people with a wide range of stunning and captivating attractions worldwide. 

All the best places in Monterrey are easy for the day trip. The great blend of Cerro de la Silla, Cerro de la Mitra, and the curiously jagged overwhelmed the city. Including the high-ranking allures for the people, the city is accessible in the Santa Catarina Valley. With this, a great opportunity arises for people to catch iconic sights and enjoy its wonderful treats.

Rather than an ultramodern metropolis, Monterrey has retained some of its cultural Spanish colonial customs in its narrow boardwalks, flat-roofed places, and panoramic patios, greatly around the Barrio Antiguo-the old quarter of the city, which is partaking something of a renaissance.

To win a great chance of exploring the most alluring part of the destination you can get instant booking via TAR Aerolíneas Telefono. During the first settlement in the 16th century, its prestige as a cultural hub was evident in most of the fine museums and galleries throughout the city. Including the public squares and parks, Monterrey uses all the iconic landmarks to host many significant fairs and festivals.

Worthwhile Places for Perfect Time-Pass

If you want to prevent time-consuming due to the discussion about where to go while arriving at the place. Then, you should rely on the list of the best places to visit in Monterrey mentioned below. 

Marco Plaza

Although the fourth largest public place throughout Mexico and the rest of the world, Macroplaza is one of the iconic landmarks to begin a city tour. People find it the perfect place to wander around because of the proximity to many retained tourist attractions. There is nothing like being tired while trekking the place. However, one can hop on the bus or subway ride for easy and enthusiastic travel.

Since the 1980s, this 99-acre court has encompassed many ancient plazas, monuments, and lovely gardens that invite travelers to dawdle.

Colonial patio & fresco-decorated state apartments and artifacts, the executing guns during 1867 Emperor Maximilian and generals, Government Palace, is another point of interest to explore while trekking this most cherishing place of Monterrey. 

The Esplanade of Heroes, the massive Neptune Fountain, and the Diego de Montemayor memorial to the city’s founder are the others featuring notes to discover while trekking the most iconic landmark. 

Marco: The Museum of Contemporary Art

With the most captivating design, the Museum of Contemporary Art was Opened in 1991 at Gran Plaza. Rather than the wide-ranging temporary exhibitions, Marco also encompasses a wide extent of everlasting modern art collections from all countries. It is the bucket list for those who are always curious about exploring the art across Mexico City.

Eleven Galleries is the landmark of this plaza that you should spot while trekking the places. With this, you can glimpse the antiques through excursions, such as the fine artworks, sculptures, and Latin American style architecture. 

Highlights of the museum’s 11 galleries facilitates the people with the numerous fine paintings, statues, and infrastructures from leading Latin American artists and a smattering of outcomes from international artists.

Rather than the arts, one would find the option to spot the garden, relax aside from the reflective mirror fountain among the sculpture, and enjoy the panoramic view around the place.

If you are a true lover of the art you should head out to The Museum of Contemporary Art for sure, here you can view the art from ancient times of Mexico to the present days. 

Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Monterrey

The significant catholic church in Monterrey is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Monterrey. It’s free to visit the place. Although, people are most welcome to give donations in the name of the poor and needy. It is a well-worth place to trek the downtown of the city. 

The best thing to see here is the fine interior of 19th-century colonial artwork. Mexican artist Angel Zárraga inspires all the artworks.  

The Santa Lucia Riverwalk

If you love gossiping and walking long, Santa Lucia Riverwalk is the perfect match for your wishlist. It facilitates people with spectacular waterfront boardwalks. Although it is a manufactured attraction, including all-natural antiques, it still lets people experience nature’s upbringing since 2007. 

The Riverwalk stretches approximately three kilometers throughout the city. Rather than being a park, it also connects to ends, i.e., Macroplaza and Fundidora Park. Moreover, suppose there is something great to see across the park. In that case, you should enjoy the perfect blend of Canadian Inukshuk, sculptures, fountains, a stone landmark or cairn, and many other architectural highlights.

The pontoon-style riverboats ride through the fun diversion, and the exotic treats like cafés brew and restaurants eat are the next level of excitement across the Santa Lucia Riverwalk.

Fundidora Park

In addition to the fantastic exploration across the Santa Lucia Riverwalk, take a small diversion and cherish numerous attractions in Fundidora Park. If time’s at a gratuity, you can diversify a boat back to the Macroplaza.

To head out to this impeccably exciting place, you should move to the grounds at the old foundry of the city, which is a fascinating museum these days. Including playgrounds, an artificial lake, a sports arena, a water park, and Sesame street Park, Fundidora Park is also popular for encompassing the most captivating attractions. 

Other than the above, you would even experience the diverse collection of CONARTE art, hotel and convention center. Another area of the park is considered Parque Zoologico La Pastora. However, it is a small but most prominent zoo in the city. While walking across another side of the park, you would glimpse 80 bird species and enjoy various rides for the kids. 

The Museum of Steel

This museum is Mexico’s largest excursion ever; it is one of the ultimate choices to add to the itinerary when someone is preparing a trip to Monterrey. The attraction was discovered within a former steel mill on the Fundidora Park’s perimeter that celebrates the city’s long ceremony as a steel manufacturing junction. 

This attraction was built around an old plant’s massive 70-meter-tall blast furnace. You would experience the exhibits on a wide range, dealing with steel production.

There are many other most exciting places like the Mexican History Museum, Barrio Antiguo,The Obispado and the Regional Museum that you can win to explore. If you really find it exciting to stroll during the weekend, and very excited for the instant trip to Monterrey, you can access TAR Aerolineas Monterrey telephone. With this you seek quick and hassle free booking to your 

Adventures to Discover in Monterrey

Given below are the following adventures, one can enjoy while walking across the best places in Monterrey.

subway ride

Mountain Biking, 



Rappelling and many more.

Where to Stay in Monterrey?

Are you concerned about the stay-inns to spend the night and day through the weekend in Monterrey? Then, you can choose any of the stay-inns mentioned below according to the budget. 

Luxury Hotels:

Grand Fiesta Americana Monterrey Valle

Live Aqua Urban Resort Monterrey

Quinta Real Monterrey

Mid-Range Hotels:

Fiesta Americana Monterrey Pabellón M

MS Milenium

NH Collection Monterrey San Pedro

Budget Hotels:

Hotel Ibis Monterrey Valle

Misión Monterrey Centro Historico

Fiesta Inn Monterrey Valle

When is the Best Time to Visit Monterrey?

Around February-April is the best time to visit the destination. During these months the weather is milder. Apart from this, the fares of the accommodation and flights become lower too! So it would be better if you choose any of these months for the trip to Monterrey.

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