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Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2022

by MiracleSeabuck
Best Kitchen Chimney in India

In this blog post, we are going to talk about Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2022.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2022 | Best Selling Kitchen Chimney

A kitchen chimney is a necessity in a home, especially when you’re living with your family and meal preparation is heavier than just tossing bread in the toaster.

For all such hygiene and safety needs, the chimney has become a part of the kitchen which cannot be skipped.

You will get a lot of chimneys in the market but you should know which kitchen chimney will prove to be good for your kitchen.

We’ve tested and compared all the best kitchen chimney on the market. After that, we have compiled this list to ensure that you will get a quality product.

We’ve written down their benefits and drawbacks to help you make the right purchase.

So without delay let’s see which are the best kitchen chimney in India.

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How We Tested the Kitchen Chimney

During a one-month testing period, we selected these kitchen chimneys based on the following criteria:

  • Can it efficiently control the growth of bacteria and other germs?
  • Is it bigger than the size of your stove?
  • Which shape chimney is best?
  • Does it have good suction power?
  • Is it efficient and of good quality?

In this list, we have kept all the kitchen chimneys whose price is less than 15000.

Our picks are based on the product warranty, features, durability, and brand popularity listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India

  • Elica Auto Clean Chimney (WD TBF HAC 60 MS NERO, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch + Motion Sensor Control, Black)
  • Faber Curved Glass, HOOD EVEREST SC TC HC BK 60 Autoclean Chimney
  • Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney (WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO, Motion Sensor Control, Black)
  • GLEN Senza 60 cm 1050 m3/hr Filterless Auto clean Chimney
  • Whirlpool (CG 601 HAC HOOD) Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney
  • GLEN (6060 Black Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney)
  • Eurodomo (Hood Classy HC TC 60) Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney
  • Kaff ACE BF | Black Curved Tempered Glass | Matt Black Rust Free Coating | Soft
  • Hindware Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 60, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey)
  • Inalsa Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (Aveo 60BKBF Chimney, Baffle Filter, Black)

1. Elica Auto Clean Chimney (WD TBF HAC 60 MS NERO)

This kitchen chimney comes with a lot of qualities that enable it to stand out from the rest of the crowd. We are glad to see that this kitchen chimney has a suction capacity of 1425 m3/hr.

Along with auto-clean technology, the chimney also comes with smart motion sensor control. Dimensions are 60 x 48 x 50 cm which is suitable for 2 to 4-burner gas stoves. This kitchen chimney produces about 58 dB of noise during its operation.

WD TBF HAC 60 MS NERO Chimney is designed with a separate oil collector to ensure easy cleaning. The oil collector collects the oil and other residues conveniently.

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