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Best Communication Tools for Startups and Small Companies

Startups and small businesses alert! Here are a few best communication tools and software to expand your business and make it a large-scale enterprise.

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Communication Tools

After the idea of starting a business and its successful establishment, a company needs an app to connect all the members.
For a business to function without any confusion, clear communication is essential. Literally! To provide the experience of crystal-clear communication, many software developers have introduced software applications that makes their job easy.
Many business communication tools are available to fill the gap between the employees. It is always confusing to select one from many.

What to look for when it comes to choosing the best communication tool?

When selecting ‘the one’ for your business communication, look for software that has all features in ONE single software. It isn’t enjoyable to switch between apps, and that is why having all elements in a single app maintains interest and productivity.

Not only you but every employee must find the software beneficial for them. The interface must be user-friendly and appealing to use.

Yes, security matters! Be it your own or for your business communications.

Who doesn’t like amazing affordable things?

Just like you seek things that fit your budget, business communication software must be searched the same way.

When we raise a complaint and hear back soon, we feel like the company cares.

“Great customer support attracts more customers.”

Look for business communication software that has friendly customer support.

Every communication software does not tick all the boxes of requirements listed above, but here are some that do.

1. Troop Messenger

A comprehensive instant messaging app developed for small to large-scale businesses. By using this, you feel you are on another level of business collaboration.

  • Connect with your teammates with a single click.
  • Send messages, documents, recordings, and any file with a single click.
  • Invite members for meetings, group discussions with video calling.
  • User-friendly app with features that makes your work very convenient.
  • Messages can be edited after sending. How cool, right? It’s like an eraser for our mistakes.
  • Never have to worry about security and privacy. As the military keeps the nation secure, they use this app to keep their secrets secure.
  • Burnout feature lights up flames to your message after the selected timer. It is used to delete private messages.
    . Delivery models of SaaS, chat API, and self-hosted chat, allow enterprises to choose as per their industry needs.

2. Workplace apps from Meta

Ad-free and easy to understand, this software by Meta claims to be more than an app used for messaging and video calling. Facebook users are many, and Meta once again developed software for billions of people using the same technology. Users feel that this is Facebook for business, such are its features. But it is different, mind you.

  • Lets you arrange your notifications and messages priority-wise.
  • Auto translate feature that translates the content in 91 languages.
  • Comment on workplace posts.
  • Conduct polls and surveys to measure opinions.
  • Insights and analytics are available too for employee engagement.

3. Teamwork

Trusted and used by over 20,000 companies in the world. Teamwork is an award-winning platform built for running client works. It is an affordable, customizable, flexible app for business communications. A transparent and less complicated tool allowing you to work from any place. Whether you are an owner, a team lead, a project manager, or an individual contributor, this app recognizes your role and helps you to communicate with your employees very productively.

  • You can mention your employee by tagging their name.
  • Project, new clients, task completion templates are available.
  • Easily manage the workload of a single employee or many.
  • Calendars, status updates, project milestones help the employees to measure their progress.
  • Apart from just messaging and calling, this app does more than that.

4. Chanty- Team collaboration

Chanty software boosts productivity among employees and helps the teams in communication. It has every feature required by a business communicator tool. As this app is free, it is a great tool for start-ups and small businesses.

  • Easy to share the screen and discuss.
  • Creating and Managing tasks is an easy deal.
  • It is easy to connect with other third-party apps.
  • Quality of video and audio is not sacrificed as it supports 4k audio and video.
  • Single place to assemble all essential data like conversations, tasks, messages, and other content.
  • Easily create tasks and assign and reassign and track the status of the created jobs.

How different are these apps from each other?

Every software sets out to be unique, while some copy the features of other software. When you use a particular app, you notice the differences and select the best communication tool for your employees and business.

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