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Avoid 7 Car Accessories To be Installed Aftermarket

People like to have accessories in their car to personalize it and make it unique for the surroundings.

by bilalahsan1234

People like to have accessories in their car to personalize it and make it unique for the surroundings. The aftermarket has a plethora of car accessories, including devices, steering materials, horn gadgets, and several others to enhance the look and feel of the vehicle. When you buy a car in Dubai or Sharjah, you must follow the rules and guidelines of their government. For example, when purchasing tyres for the vehicle, you must look for the best car tyre in Sharjah. According to your vehicle’s need, they may provide you with a tubeless or tube tyre.

Although you may have some changes to the interior of the car, you must not change the vehicle’s character. Here are 7 car accessories you must avoid installing in your vehicle.

  1. IRVM Screen
  2. Sunroof
  3. Steering Spinners
  4. Faux Seatbelt Buckles
  5. Slip-on Steering Grip
  6. Bull Bars
  7. Pressure Horns or Hooters

1.    IRVM Screen

Several vehicles do not come with touch-screen infotainment. As a result, several car owners place IRVM Screen – Inner Rear-View Mirror Screen as one of the options to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, this screen causes more damage than it prevents. Begin by obstructing visibility from behind. Since it is not a designed product, it is harmful to people to use it. It has a low level of backwards reflection for the people to observe cars. It is also one of the worst sources of distraction for the driver.

2.    Sunroof

As several models of the car have a built-in sunroof. Therefore, the vehicles do not have it; people tend to improvise their cars and get sunroofs into their cars. It is one of the favorite features of every vehicle owner; however, it may cause you several problems. It improves the look and feel of the car cabin with quality touch-ups. Unfortunately, installing a sunroof may jeopardize your car value and cause some leakages through the roof during the rainy or snowy season.

3.    Steering Spinners

Several people use one hand to drive to feel like a pro driver. For this, they use steering spinners. Steering spinners are placed on the steering wheel so that the driver can easily steer with one hand. However, steering spinners are not recommended by automobile companies. Furthermore, this quick steering can cause an accident as this spinner would not be easily stopped.

4.    Faux Seatbelt Buckles

Initially, only the driver’s seat had a seatbelt and its reminder. But after several traffic accidents and other consequences, now co-driver / passenger seat also has a seatbelt and its reminder. Unfortunately, several people purchase faux seatbelt buckles to deceive the reminder. Those reminders are for the benefit and safety of the passenger and driver; therefore, you must not get irritated by that beeping.

5.    Slip-on Steering Grip

It is a good habit to cover your steering wheel, as it tightens the grip. However, there are two types of cover, one is stitched, and the other is slip-on. Stitched helps you improve your grip over the wheels, whereas slip-on, like its name, can slip the steering wheel. For starters, it may look suitable, but it may slip while you are on the road and cause an accident.

6.    Bull Bars

Bull bars are customized and may modify the look of the vehicle. However, these bull bars may complicate the composition of the vehicle. Therefore, you must avoid using it for your vehicle.

7.    Pressure Horns or Hooters

The loud hooters and horns are the worst thing you would want for your vehicle. These hooters and horns require a battery, and they put pressure on it to produce high power noise. Therefore, to decrease noise pollution, you must not use these hooters in your car, which can lead to eardrum damage to someone.

You must avoid these mentioned accessories in your car; to avoid damage to your vehicle or yourself. Ensure you have all the suitable accessories necessary for your vehicle to have a safe ride.

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