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Arleta Urgent Family Clinic: A Patient’s Medical Home

by Arleta
Arleta Urgent Family Clinic -A Patient’s Medical Home

An essential aspect of life is good health care. It is impossible to be productive in life if you don’t have good health. With many health care facilities available nowadays, only a few of them offer high-quality health care at low prices. Among them are urgent care clinics. Urgent care clinics offer time-sensitive health care services to patients locally. In this post, we are exploring the various services there are offered at Arleta urgent family clinic. Keep reading for more insights. 

What are urgent care clinics? 

Urgent care clinics belong to a category of healthcare facilities called walk-ins. They often offer their health care services to patients who require immediate medical attention, even when the injury or sickness is not life-threatening. Unlike many think, urgent care centers offer high-quality health and medical care services. You are going to get a lot of benefits if you choose to visit an urgent care clinic. Let’s look at some of the services that you expect to find at Arleta urgent family clinic

Vital Arleta Urgent Care Services 

Arleta urgent care clinic employs the best medical practitioners who are ready all the time to serve patients quickly. Doctors and nurses are dedicated to offering high quality and affordable health services, including the following:

Broken bones

A broken bone is an injury that needs immediate medical attention to avoid further complications. If not addressed in time, a broken bone may tear other tissues in the body, leading to infections and inflammation. A broken bone may be sharp enough to pierce or puncture sensitive organs and tissues, causing internal bleeding.
Using state of the art medical equipment, doctors at Arleta urgent care will conduct proper diagnosis and prognosis. X-ray machines are available to give a clear picture of the extent of the broken bone injury. If the wound is severe enough to warrant the services of a specialist, their doctor will refer the patient to one. The two pieces of a broken bone align together perfectly to make sure the broken area heals properly.

Animal bites 

An animal bite can be nasty, especially from a poisonous animal. You can also count on Arleta urgent family clinic to treat an injury caused by an animal bite. Animal bites often happen to young school children or athletes. You should always maintain a distance when dealing with animals, even pets, because animals react on instinct.
Too much noise may upset, causing an unpredictable frenzy. Doctors at Arleta urgent care clinic will evaluate the extent of the bite and its severity. A minor bite is cleaned and disinfected with antibiotics to prevent infections. A dog bite may cause rabies if it is not treated in time. Other animal bites may require stitches, and Arleta urgent family clinic has the expertise needed to treat such injuries.

Minor surgery 

A minor injury may require minor surgery to heal properly. If you require a minor injury, our doctors are always ready to offer proper diagnosis and treatment. All medical professionals are highly train to perform minor surgeries. This is to cover up cuts and lacerations. If the injury is extensive and requires major surgery, the doctor will refer the patient to a specialist doctor. Emergency rooms and hospitals have specialized equipment to perform major surgeries. 

Physical examinations 

Before your kid is allowed to participate in a sporting activity at school, he or she needs to undergo a physical examination to ensure that he or she is healthy enough to participate. Nowadays, taking your child for a physical examination is mandatory. 


For a healthy lifestyle, high quality and affordable health care are necessary. Arleta urgent care serves all patients who walk in with compassion. Going to an emergency room if you have suffered a minor injury or with a mild sickness will only delay your diagnosis and treatment. You can only receive the best health care services from Arleta urgent family clinic. Urgent care centers are available in your locality and offer health care services to patients if health care providers are not around.

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