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Answering Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Root Canal

Most Common Doubts About Root Canal

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What Is The Root Canal?

A root canal is one of the serious procedures. It is also known as endodontic treatment. If you have a root canal and are having trouble, you should visit a doctor for a root canal treatment in Whitefield. This would help you get rid of the problem and also will help you maintain better dental health.


Remember, the key to good health is by promoting better oral hygiene. Most often than not, people ignore the concept of going to a dentist for regular check-ups, which just worsen the condition of your mouth. This is why we highly recommend you to visit a dentist after every six months.


It is obvious to have many questions about the procedure, in this case, root canal Ludhiana before you undergo one. Do not worry; today, we are going to untangle those messes you have inside your head regarding the root canal.


Does Root Canal Hurt?

Just like any other process of dental check-up or surgery, the root canal also does not inflict pain. During the process of root canal surgery, the dentist would give you local anesthesia so that you would not feel any pain. Although, after the root canal surgery, you might experience inevitable pain, discomfort, or numbness in the affected area, which would last for a few days, unlike other procedures like filling or getting your wisdom tooth removed.


How Would You Know If You Require A Root Canal?

Without knowing the symptoms of root canal conditions, how would you be able to learn the cause of the pain? Learning about the signs that might indicate a root canal would be helpful as it would open up options for you.


Root canals are generally needed when you have a cracked tooth either by genetics or injury. The part form that if you have a problem from your previous filling session or a deep cavity, then also you would require to undergo root canal surgery. Most patients need a root canal when they observe that their teeth are sensitive to hot or cold sensations.


Given below are some of the symptoms that might indicate the dire need for a root canal.


  1. When you have pimples on the gums
  2. When you experience severe pain while biting or chewing
  3. When you have a cracked or chipped tooth
  4. When you have lingering sensitivity to cold or hot stuff, even after the sensation has been gone.
  5. When you have tender or swollen gums
  6. When you have a darkening of the gums.
  7. When you have deep decay.


Can I Go To Work Or School the Next Day After The Root Canal Surgery?

The root canal treatment is a safe procedure that is done under the guidance of a skilled dentist, which guarantees that you will not be in extreme discomfort after the surgery is performed. There might be mild pain or numbness, but nothing more than that. Teh numbness would stay for around two to four hours at max. This means that you would be able to go to work or school the next day without any problem. As there is no complication left after the treatment, it would be perfectly safe for you to continue your daily activity.



Contact Ludhiana Dental Center for your dental problem. After all, maintaining your oral hygiene is essential.

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