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Android Vs. iOS: Know the Basic Differences

by Appgenienimble

Android vs iOS has been a debate that has been going on ever since these platforms were first introduced to us. Now, both of these platforms are quite large.

For instance,  as per reports, Android smartphone users in the United States reached 129.1 million in 2020. And in the year 2021, this figure reached more than 130 million in 2021.

As far as the apple is concerned, while it may not be the largest platform by market size, but the revenue generated is considerably larger. Moreover,  Smartphones running the Android operating system hold an 87 percent share of the global market in 2019 and this is expected to increase over the forthcoming years. The mobile operating system developed by Apple (iOS) has a 13 percent share of the market.

Now, there are a lot of things that can be said to and forth in this debate, Both of this mobile app development services are popular but most of the people new to technology don’t know the basic difference between the platforms.

Now, if you are one of these people who want to learn more about the different platform, we shall be discussing just that in detail in this blog. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:

iOS vs Android: Everything You Need to Know

Before we start comparing both of these platform with each other, it is first important to understand them well. That is why in this section of the blog, we shall first read about both of these platform separately.

This will help you understand both iOS and Android much better. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get started with iOS, the first mobile app platform:

iOS Mobile App Development Platform

iOS is a mobile phone operating system which was introduced to us by Apple Inc. However, this platform isn’t limited to Apple’s mobile phone line, iPhones, but also seen in iPod, iPad, etc.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this platform which was originally introduced to us by Steve Jobs, is exclusive to Apple’s mobile devices.  iOS app development is second most popular OS following android.

Now the reason why this one comes second is limited deployment. While android is used by a large number of mobile phone users, this one is exclusive. iOS is known for its quality and aesthetic appeal which it seem to improve upon while improving.

If this is something that you want, it is highly concerned that you hire iPhone app developers.

Since we are done with the iOS, let’s move to its android counterpart.

Android App Development Platform

Android dominates as much as 75% of the market amounting for more than 3 billion users across the blog. So, it goes without saying the majority of the market is using the platform and it is also people’s favorite.

This platform was based on Linux kernel, designed to adapt to touch screen devices. That is why it is people hire android app developers.

Introduced to us by none other than the market-leading tech giant Google, this platform has greatly evolved since it was first launched.

Android app development company is one of the best development partners that can help people create market-leading apps.

With this being said, let’s look at similarities between the platforms in the section mentioned below:

iOS and Android Similarities

Before you look for android app developers for hire, let’s look at the similarities between these two platforms.

  • Most of the basic feature among iOS and android are quite similar to each other. This include making phone calls, SMS texting, internet browsing, Video calls, voice commands, and so on.
  • Again, UI of both iOS and Android also shares quite much alike. Since both are based on touch screen devices they allow all the basic touch basic feature along with some advanced specifics.
  •  The status bar is yet another big similarity between this platform. The bar on top of the screen on both of these platform shows basic information and alerts like battery life, time, app notifications, Wi-Fi etc.
  • While 4G and 5G is something that is highly dependent on the hardware then software, both of platform does support newer network specifications.

iOS and Android Differences

This is the point where the limited similarities end and the great differences between android and custom iPhone app development starts.

That is what we shall be discussing in this section of the blog. These differences are, as mentioned below:

  • iOS is a closed-sourced or closed system platform. On the flip side, the android platform is an open source platform which is also reason behind its larger user base.
  • Android platform is widely used by a number of mobile device manufactures and thus, it is highly fragmented. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is highly regulated and only limited to their own Mobile Devices.
  • Another major difference between these platforms is that, iOS based applications are available to download on Apple’s App Store while Android apps can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store.
  • Apple iOS based devices offer a better digital ecosystem in a way that they are better connected with each other when compared to android.
  • Voice based assistants of these platforms are good. While the Siri from Apple is older, Google Assistant for android is much more capable.
  • Android devices have quite less restrictions hence fragmentation is highly common leading to faster aging of software. On other hand, iOS is much more consistent and regulated making it relevant for a longer time.

These are the basic differences between these two platforms. And with this being said, we have come to the end of this blog.


Both iOS and Android are two great and most popular platforms in world of mobile app development. Now, if you want to develop your own mobile app on either of these platforms, it is advised that you consult a market-leading mobile app development company that can help you develop a market-leading application for your business.

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