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All you need to know about QuickBooks Error OL-222

Defining QuickBooks Error OL-222!

by ashleygreen5969
All you need to know about QuickBooks Error OL-222

All you need to know about QuickBooks Error OL-222

If you are a true-blue fan of QuickBooks suite then chances are that you must’ve come across the error message of QuickBooks Error OL-222 and searching for an explanation then you should stick to this article. Here we will provide you with guidance on how to tackle this error and also on the potential factors that precipitate it.

Defining QuickBooks Error OL-222!

QuickBooks is one of the business accounting software where the banking function has a fantastic interface. Other functions that are available in the same software are bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, inventory, etc. The banking facility comes with continuous maintenance. This is where our discussion will try to focus.

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Factors That Give Rise to the Bank Feed Error Message OL-222 in QuickBooks

For this error, there are some internal and external factors that give rise to the bank feed error message OL-222 in QuickBooks; they are,

  • A scanning error appeared as a server response
  • Unsupported characters in. QBW file that differentiates Open Finance Exchange (OFX) standards (OFX defines the standards for exchange between the financial institutions and QuickBooks).
  • Irregular formatting of QuickBooks company files can also culminate in QuickBooks banking error OL-222

Quick Steps to Create a Backup of your QuickBooks Company File

Not only QuickBooks Error OL-222, but our readers should also keep in mind that for any type of QuickBooks troubleshooting they need to create a backup of their company file. Some quick steps follow here-

  1. Out of the File menu, select Back Up Data.
  2. Catalog the backup location:
    1. Select Default Location to backup to the default folder on your local drive.
    2. Select Specify Alternate Location to backup to a network or removable drive.
  3. Select Backup then Finish.

The steps given above will only create a backup, if you want to open data you will have to restore it.

Causes of error code message OL-222

The causes of this error are explained below:

  • The outdated QuickBooks Desktop version is at work.
  • In the QuickBooks Company File, some kind of error was derived from it.
  • The error code may arise out of the third-party software colliding with QFX operations. (Open Finance Exchange Standards)
  • When the.QBO file name isn’t agreeing the financial institution’s rules, this might force the error to erupt.
  • A slower internet connection can also be the cause.
  • There might be ample invalid entities in the QBW file which is instigating the error code.

QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working Issues & Problems

The readers should meticulously observe the following points in the same segment if the bank feeds not working issues and problems are surfacing in QuickBooks.

  • The bank server that is added is ‘down’ at the time of synchronization.
  • If the users try to recover any particular transactions that it is older than a period of 90 days.
  • When QuickBooks stop cooperating the bank and the user has an account inside.
  • Due to the errors in synchronization with the QuickBooks accounting software and the certain bank account that has been going to add.
  • Your bank is confronting issues, such as pending alerts on your bank feeds.
  • There is a problem with the FI servers, or the bank data is not current.
  • There’s an issue with the internet.
  • Your company file inherits a problem with one or more bank accounts.
  • QuickBooks does not approve the file from your bank.
  • You’re working in an unsupported version of QuickBooks or an outdated version of Internet Explorer.

Detailed Description of Error code OL-222 in QuickBooks

For easy understanding, all QuickBooks users are intended to connect their bank accounts to it. The goal is to utilize all the transactions and monetary processes in the QuickBooks application. There are times when QuickBooks fails to keep a connection to the users’ bank. The near possible reason or maybe the core cause is that the bank servers are facing some issues and couldn’t revert the responses made by QuickBooks software. The users will see an error message that says “QuickBooks is unable to complete the process…” every time they seek to establish a connection to their bank servers.

How to Update QuickBooks to the latest version

The readers should keep in mind that outdated QuickBooks is one of the reasons why many of the errors occur in the application. Also, it is apparently necessary that you update the QuickBooks software before any kind of troubleshooting. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Browse for Help and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Select Update Now, then select Get Updates.
  3. When the update ends, close and relaunch QuickBooks.
  4. If it interrogates to install the update, select Yes.
  5. When the installation finishes, restart your system.

For Mac:

  1. Browse on the QuickBooks menu and select Check for QuickBooks Updates.
  2. Select Install and Relaunch.

QuickBooks Bank Error OL-222

This error QuickBooks Bank Error OL-222 appears when users try downloading and importing a QBO file from the user’s bank. It displays a pop-up message on a screen that says QuickBooks was not able to complete your request. Please contact your financial institution. (OL-222).

Precisely, QuickBooks is not getting the correct response from your financial institution’s website as there is a scan error involved.


What kind of files can be imported into QuickBooks?

QuickBooks when it comes to files has a different way into extensions. It will work only on chosen extensions and would fail to load if it is otherwise. Hence, the limited extensions are mentioned underneath.

  • CSV file: It’s a common file format used for text files that contain tabular data. In CSV files, each field of text is separated by a comma, semi-colon, or another special character.
  • XLS/XLSX file: XLS is the file format of Microsoft Excel 1997-2003. Microsoft Excel 2007 and newer versions use the XLSX file format.
  • Google Sheets: A cloud-based spreadsheet created in Google Drive.

How do I import a Web Connect file into QuickBooks

If you are searching for how to import a Web Connect file into the QuickBooks platform, the method is given here:

  1. Download the Web Connect file from the financial institution. This file will have QBO as an extension.
  2. In QuickBooks Desktop, browse the File menu then click Utilities > Import > Web Connect Files…
  3. Select the QBO file you saved in Step 1 and then click Open.
  4. When prompted to Select Bank Account:
    • If the account is already set up, click the Use an existing QuickBooks account radio button then from the drop-down menu, select the appropriate bank account.
    • If it is not, click the Create a new QuickBooks account radio and enter the bank account name.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. When the import is complete, go to the Bank Feeds Center to review your transactions.

How do I fix QuickBook’s unable to verify the financial institution?

If the QuickBooks software is unable to verify the financial institution, check out the plans below:

  1. Proceed with downloading the Web Connect file
  2. Verify the QBO file from the bank
  3. Check the bank notifications
  4. Start switching banking modes
  5. Generate a test file

QuickBooks is an application that constantly needs updating and upgradation otherwise outdated versions of it will stop syncing properly as we have seen in the case of the error QuickBooks Error OL-222. There are various auxiliary points like file verifying, banking modes, etc. to keep in mind as well so that the errors can be terminated.




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