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All you must know about UK immigration

by sabitri_barik

UK immigration Dubai consultancy could be a highly valuable asset to you and your family, so if you need information on the process or if you’re considering it then this article is for you. This post has everything from what UK immigration consultants in dubai can offer for businesses where there are a large number of workers that have been laid off, to advice on business immigration into the UK. It’s also important to mention that because of Brexit there is an increased demand for these services and consultants may experience more work in the coming months.You must choose a good best immigration consultants in dubai for South africa.

Do you  need a UK immigration consultancy?

If you’re working for a company in the UK, whether it be for the first or tenth time, or even if you’re just passing by and only want to work there temporarily, you may be asked to show that you have the right to reside and work in the country. It is because of this that it’s important that you contact and hire a south africa visit visa from Dubai consultant specializing in immigration so they can advise you on what paperwork is necessary.

UK immigration consultancy: what they can offer?

Whether you’re a business owner or working in the UK temporarily, having access to professional advice and guidance on your UK immigration status is essential. With the recent changes in UK immigration law, there are no more requirements for non-UK visitors and holders of work permits. If you are an employee or even a student, it’s important that you understand what is expected of you as an employee from the UK Home Office, because then you can get a head-start on your employer.

Changes in employment laws

In the UK, any new employee is required to have a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) before they can start working. In order to obtain this card, which is valid for five years and renewable, you are required to show that you have private health insurance and evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself while in the country. You also need to provide an address for where you will be staying at least 90 days before applying for the card. If you’re an EU citizen, it is highly recommended that you register yourself and your family members so that you are eligible for European Health Insurance during your stay in the UK. This is a recommendation because it’s not required by law. The process to obtain the BRP includes an online application, an appointment at the National Health Service (NHS), and a digital photo taken at the clinic. You can book an appointment for the BRP at the NHS.


When immigration is needed, it’s important that you have the support and advice of a UK immigration consultant when you have one of the following situations: Your employer has more non-EU workers than he or she needs to make up for British workers who are leaving. If you are a British citizen, coming to the UK as an employee, this is your guarantee that your job remains in Britain after Brexit. However, there are more formalities that must be worked through with a consultant. If you’re in a multinational company, it must undergo an intra-company transfer so that the employee can remain within the group worldwide.

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