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All About Types Of High-Temperature Wires!

by mohammedyusri


What would you consider to be a high temperature? The most common answer is 50 degrees Celsius. Well, any idea the temperature that runs through the High-temperature cable? One hundred fifty degrees Celsius in that small confined space inside the wires. Today’s technology has allowed us to build such connectors to facilitate the ever-growing technological requirements of newly released hardware. Let’s discuss the different types of High-Temperature Wires that you need to know about and what precisely a high-temperature wire is.

What is a High-Temperature Cable?

These are wires which are specially designed to inhibit scorching temperatures. They are used quite commonly in Industries, generally going by the name of Industrial cable, but that isn’t where the usage ends. These wires are also used in cooking appliances such as microwaves and furnaces. They generally contain some form of silicone or fiberglass, which are durable materials for retaining heat.

Things to keep in mind while picking your wire

The two major components you need to be aware of right away if you’re thinking of buying a high-temperature wire from an Electrical cable supplier are the following:

  • Wire’s temperature rating– The temperature rating is the maximum continuous amount of heat that the wire will be able to handle. Make sure to get one that matches your requirements and needs.
  • Wire’s ampacity – The ampacity of a wire is the maximum current the said wire will be able to withstand without exceeding its recommended limitations.

Those mentioned above are crucial points in that if either of those is taken for granted, or if you’ve got a wire that is unsuitable for the task, you’re trying to get it to perform. It could tremendously damage the wire and land you in a world of loss. So, research before you buy that Welding cable you’ve had an eye on.

Types of high-temperature wires

Now it is time to discuss the two most common kinds of wires and which one will suit your need the best:

  • Polyether sulfone, or PES in short – is a wire with excellent heat resistance and performs best in continuous heating conditions. The constant usage temperatures are around 180 to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Polyetheretherketone, or PEEK, in short, is also an insulated wire which is highly popular because it is a thermoplastic resin with super heat resistance. With the continuous usage temperature being around 250 degrees Celsius.


Choosing the right high-temperature wire can be confusing, but with the knowledge provided above, you are now strapped and ready to purchase your next high-temperature Power Cable & Wire. Consider all your options and compare them before deciding on one!

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