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A List of Critical KPIs and Metrics for Contact Centers

by cathyjones
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Contact center KPIs and OKR are critical for any call center. It ensures a healthy operational state of the contact center. Correctly selecting and measuring contact center KPIs will help management uncover lingering issues hidden in the operation. But it does not stop there as these will also identify any signs of future troubles that can happen in the contact centers. Choosing the right KPIs and metrics and a contact center quality assurance software or call center management software with 360-degree reporting capabilities can empower organizations to measure everything, from sales to productivity and call quality monitoring to customer satisfaction.

Call center KPIs

Call center metrics can present a comprehensive overview of the contact center and its activities. Typically, these call center metrics can be classified into the following three types:

Business critical metrics:

The business-critical metrics assist to develop a documented approach for call quality monitoring, quality assurance, and customer experience. The primary objective of the metrics is to ensure higher performance and continuous improvement of the contact center operation and services.

Critical customer metrics:

Critical customer metrics are mainly concerned with the customer experience. It helps to understand how successfully the agent comprehended and resolved the customer’s issues and queries.

Critical process metrics:

Reviewing and analyzing customer interaction is essential for every contact center. So, after each conversation, agents review it and take notes on a call center management CRM. These contain the critical process metrics that offer an overview of the process, operation, and overall performance efficiency and productivity of the contact centers.

Business Critical KPIs

Business-critical KPIs are concerned with the contact center’s operation and how effectively it is fulfilling its objectives and achieving organizational goals. These KPIs ought to emphasize employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Agent Absenteeism:

When agents are absent from their offices, call center productivity suffers. The main objective should be to discover the underlying reasons for it and encourage constructive behavior among agents.

Agent Turnover Rate:

This crucial metric assists contact centers in identifying agent difficulties and training gaps that need to be addressed to reduce agent attrition. High agent turnover is one of the common issues in contact centers around the world.

Schedule Adherence:

It measures how effectively the agents stick to their schedules. The KPI also works as a productivity indicator and helps understand how well agents perform.


Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator that measures how happy or satisfied the customers are with the company and its services. Surveys and other analytical techniques can be used to collect these data to measure it correctly to get an accurate measure of this critical KPI.

Net Promoter Score (NPS):

NPS assesses customer loyalty and the quality and strength of customer relations by assessing how likely a customer is to suggest or promote the company or its product and services to a colleague, family, or friend.

A contact center QA software, for example, can offer reports for all agents to determine how effectively each agent is accomplishing specified business goals. The objectives can include measuring ownership, written communication skills, data collection, data protection procedures, and the soft skill application of the agent during a conversation.

Customer Critical KPIs

The following is a list of some of the most frequent customer critical KPIs used in contact centers throughout the world.

Average Time in Queue:

This truly reflects how well the agents handle company customers and can be utilized for more than simply monitoring agent performance for calls.

Average Abandonment Rate:

This is a disadvantage for the call centers and indicates how frequently a caller or live chat user quits interacting with the contact center agents. Once the high abandonment rate is identified, the reason must be discovered and addressed quickly.

Average Handling Time:

The KPI correlates directly to customer satisfaction and indicates how well the advisors have addressed issues and queries. The more efficient and adept agents are, the less will be the average handling time of the agents.

First Contact Resolution:

This is an important aspect of customer satisfaction. How many phone calls, chats, emails, or social media messages were required to resolve the customer’s issue, and determine how dissatisfied or even frustrated the customer will be? So, properly trained and experienced agents can resolve most of the customer issues on the first call.

Average Speed of Answering (ASA):

ASA (also known as average delay of calls) evaluates how soon a call is answered by a call center. Again, it is a critical factor in determining customer experience and customer satisfaction.

This list, however, lacks measures that assess the influence of client sentiments and emotions. Organizations must understand how customers felt after engaging with their contact center representative.
To measure these more challenging and subtle indicators, they will need call center quality assurance software that will allow them to assess agents’ empathy and know whether they went above and beyond while serving their customers.

  • Was the representative curious about what the customer had to say?
  • Did they actively listen without interrupting the customer?
  • Was the agent flexible in addressing the demands of the customer?
  • Did they meet the demands of the consumer, even though the customer did not express them?
  • Did they provide the consumer with a wow experience?

Track customer critical KPIs for each customer interaction with contact center quality assurance software to identify if agents met or did not meet their requirements for the opening of the interaction, the main body, grammar, spelling, tone, empathy, and the call closing.

Process Critical KPIs

Finally, process critical KPIs are focused on agent performance and help find out whether or not the agent reached the goals that have been set for them. If managers want to know how effectively the agent executes their work and if they have adequate expertise, a quality management score from a competent contact center quality assurance software is required.
Contact center QA Score: This metric assesses how well your representatives assist customers with their skills and expertise. It evaluates the product and technical knowledge, communications skills, and problem-solving abilities of the advisors.
It might also assess how successfully the agents meet the demands of the consumer by having them check off boxes that answer crucial questions, such as:

  • Did the agent offer the buyer any upgrades throughout the interaction?
  • Were the upgrades acceptable based on the consumer’s verbalization during the interaction?
  • Was the agent sensitive to the customer’s wishes and needs?
  • Was the agent attempting to sell something that would improve the customer’s experience?
  • Was the product a better version of anything the buyer desired?

Tracking process critical KPIs need contact center quality assurance software that can help identify if the agent has followed the scripts, and procedure and is sensitive to the demands of the customer. Also, most importantly, if the agent possesses the appropriate skills, process knowledge, and expertise to perform their job or if they need training.

Wrap Up

The reports with correctly measured call center metrics will help to understand the overall performance of the contact center. It will also help to identify the areas that need attention and improvement. Without these data and insights, organizational leaders cannot determine if their contact centers are meeting their goals, following the correct procedures, and remaining compliant with the rules and regulations while being productive and efficient. Therefore, monitoring and measuring KPIs are essential for contact centers.

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