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5 Tools to Track the Productivity of Your Remote Staff

by sarah-noah
track productivity of remote staff

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular, and the demand for employee tracking software is growing. Managers worldwide are asking: What is the best way to monitor employee activity and productivity?

In this article, you will find the best tools to track the productivity of your remote staff. Are you ready? 

What is remote staff monitoring?

With a variety of digital tools, you can monitor the behavior and productivity of your employees on the go. Different types of software allow you to track how your employees spend their time daily. In particular, you can use this technology to track how your employees use their computers, including the websites they visit, the programs they open, and the files they download.

Best tools to track the productivity of your remote staff

There are several best tools to monitor remote employees, but the top 5 are as follows, 


Apart from other tools, this tool has the ability to monitor email activity, which other tools don’t have. And since email is the primary source of communication for remote staff, it’s a great way to measure performance.

EmailAnalytics gives you visibility into your team’s email activity, including the number of emails sent and received, average email response time, busiest times of day, and days of the week.

With this information, you can easily see how busy your employees are and how quickly they communicate with customers, prospects, vendors, and each other.

Tracking time and productivity is vital to the success of any business. If you don’t know why employees aren’t working or submitting projects, you won’t be able to improve operational efficiency.


Teramind is the ideal employee monitoring software to help prevent security threats, as it offers a powerful employee monitor application as well as a data loss prevention suite to protect your company’s network and data. 

In addition, this tool also has auditing and investigative tools for incident investigation. This software provider is more expensive than many of its competitors, but it is also more comprehensive. The software is easy to use and supports cloud, private cloud, and on-premises deployments.


InterGuard is the best employee monitoring software of choice for companies with remote or distributed teams. This comprehensive system helps employers monitor remote staff with features such as employee activity logs, video and voice recording, email and chat records, website and application content restrictions, and system vulnerability prevention. 

Furthermore, it can also monitor and archive business performance data for later review and protect sensitive corporate data by preventing unauthorized file transfers and downloads.


RescueTime is an excellent web-based application for measuring the productivity of your employees in the field. It runs in the background and tracks your team’s time on specific websites, applications, and tools during work hours. It also alerts you if you spend too much time on particular tasks and can block distracting websites.

In addition, it can be integrated with apps like Slack and GitHub, as well as 50 other tools. This tool can’t be loaded or used offline, but it can help you streamline your workflow by reducing clutter and increasing transparency.


Toggl is a great monitoring software, especially for small businesses and contractors who want to track their employees remotely. It features powerful browser extensions, reports, virtual worksheets, and keyboard control.

Toggl integrates with over 100 different tools, including Asana, for project management and employee performance tracking. It also has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Final Words

During Covid-19, most businesses remained closed, and at that time, the trend to remote working increased gradually. Above are the top 5 tools to track the productivity of your remote staff. There are numerous profits to investing in remote monitoring tools for your business. 

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Sarah Noah Liam is a 28-year-old Software Management person who enjoys programming, best employee monitoring software, and screen recording. She has a post-graduate degree in Computer science. She was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents.

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