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5 Tips To Enjoying A Colorado Vacation

by lizzieweakley

One of the most beautiful states in the nation, Colorado, attracts millions of visitors each year. Filled with pristine mountain views and other incredible scenery, it’s no surprise you and your family are planning a vacation to the Rocky Mountain State. However, there are some things to keep in mind that will ensure your vacation is memorable for all the right reasons. Before you start on your journey, here are five tips to put into practice right away.

Pack a Variety of Clothing

Even if it’s summertime in Colorado, you should still plan on packing everything from your t-shirts and shorts to a big winter coat and sweaters. In Colorado, it can be 80 degrees one day, and cold the next. To make sure you don’t get caught off-guard, have a wide array of clothing at the ready.

Make Reservations Ahead of Time

Since Colorado is such a popular travel destination, making reservations well in advance of your vacation is a must. If you want to book a hotel stay in Denver or Colorado Springs, make your reservations at least several weeks ahead of when you expect to arrive. Otherwise, you may find plenty of hotels but no vacancies, especially if a convention or other event is going on simultaneously.

Visit Restaurants at Off-Hours

Known for having an incredible array of restaurants, Colorado eating establishments are almost always crowded. To sample some great food and do so while you have plenty of room to spread out, visit restaurants during off-hours. For example, instead of eating lunch at noon, try eating sometime after 2 p.m., since the lunch crowd will have cleared out by then.

Enjoy the Small Towns

While Denver and Colorado Springs are filled with plenty of great activities, don’t forget about the many small towns in the state that may be having various festivals. Offering plenty of entertainment but much smaller crowds, you can partake in some great Colorado fun in a very relaxing environment, all the while making some new friends along the way.

Consider Varying Transportation

Finally, you may or may not always need a car on your Colorado vacation. The state offers great access to public transportation, and also has numerous bike share stations and electric scooter rentals. If you will be spending much of your time in urban areas, these can make getting around much easier and more fun.

By planning and keeping these tips in mind, your Colorado vacation will have you enjoying yourself so much that you may never want to leave the Rocky Mountain State.

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