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5 Benefits Of Having A Fue Facial Hair Transplant

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fue facial hair transplant

For most men, getting through the facial hair loss experience is really stressful and embarrassing. This could sometimes lead to depression and complexity regarding looks. Losing facial hairs like beards and eyebrows is a real trauma that can hamper facial appearance. The issue of hair loss can occur due to many possible causes like burns, genetics, surgery, etc. However, the problem has a solution key in the form of FUE facial hair transplant. This is an advanced technique to implant facial hairs with high precision, safety, and less scarring.

5 advantages of FUE

1. Reliable results

With this treatment, you can have reliable results for the restoration of facial hairs. Your hair surgeon could have proper control over how your hair grows. The surgeon will strategically place the hair follicles extracted from donor areas on your face. This would make the right implantation of hairs to mustaches, chin, and cheeks. So, you will receive reliable results as per your expectations. FUE is a quality-driven hair transplant technique that will provide top-notch results. It will retain the same quality of implanted hairs as your natural hairs.

2. Less scarring

FUE is the preferred treatment for scalp and facial hair restoration. The reason is that it is a precise technique that works with smart hair grafting. Unlike traditional strip methodology, it leaves no visible scar on the back of the head. Only tiny scars will occur on the donor site while removing hair follicles. They will become untraceable and hide under the hair.

3. Risk-free procedure

FUE facial hair transplant is a risk-free procedure that poses no threat of infection postoperative. The procedure is safe as precise extraction of hair grafts will take place individually. There is no strip cutting and the need for making large incisions for hair implants. Moreover, you can recover faster from the treatment as you only need to follow some easy aftercare guidelines. In a few days, you can return to your normal routine and can see visible facial hair growth. FUE also lessens the risk of bleeding and swelling after the procedure.

4. Natural and permanent results

You might not get the desired results from hair growth serums and lotions to achieve a masculine bearded look. But, with a beard transplant, you can achieve natural and permanent hair restoration. With Follicular Unit Extraction, you can get the right amount of grafts implanting into your masculine beard areas. You can even get facial hairs similar to your scalp hairs. The surgeon can consider grafts harvesting from other body areas too for matching the hairs. The implantation of hairs will be natural-looking and hairs can grow in a fine position.

5. Enhanced facial appearance

Facial appearance matters a lot to improve overall looks and personality. So, when you have the right FUE facial hair transplant for the beard and eyebrow hairs, it will work great. You will experience an improved facial appearance with natural shape and growth of hair. This would increase your self-confidence and also make you look masculine. You can even keep your beard shape as per changing trends of men’s persona.

To sum up

There is huge scope to achieve natural beard hair growth results with FUE facial hair transplant. This is a smart technology that works with utmost precision and quality. You can get the results as per unique preferences and expectations. Your hair surgeon can implement smart FUE techniques for less scarring. The graft survival rate is also great with this treatment. So, it is a worthwhile treatment for restoring facial hairs.

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